Either they sold us or we are under attack


The splashes of paint on the statue of Montanelli are little compared to those that hit the Five Star Movement yesterday and in particular its founder Gianroberto Casaleggio, who perhaps too hastily was raised to a national monument.

The Spanish newspaper ABC has in fact published documents that would prove a payment of three and a half million made in 2010 in Casaleggio by the Venezuelan dictator Chavez and his then right-hand man Maduro (today president not recognized by a large part of the international community). The reason? Supporting in Italy – as stated in the documents – the birth of a leftist, revolutionary and anti-capitalist movement. Obviously denials and lawsuits have rained on the parties concerned, but I don’t think the matter can be dismissed so easily, also because the insane and up to yesterday incomprehensible passion of the Five Star leaders, and therefore of our government, for Maduro is a known fact that it also caused the irritation of our western allies.

If it were proved that the fact actually happened, we would not be faced with a trivial, however unpleasant, tangent or a question of illegal financing. If this were the case, it would in fact be a (successful) attempt by a criminal communist dictatorship to pollute western democracy and set up a friendly government in the heart of Europe. There would be enough to rewrite the recent history of Italian politics, not just that of the virginity of the grillini. Presumed virginity, self-proclaimed and in any case already abundantly lost in these few years of government. But just as disturbing is the reverse hypothesis, that is if the ABC scoop (which confirmed everything in the evening) turns out to be a fake. At that point we should understand who and why is trying to destabilize the Italian government with a little via Spain likely from the point of view of political logic (the friendship between the Five Stars and Maduro).

And here we enter fully into the games of the secret services, deviated or not, an undergrowth that the Five Stars know well and from which – through the Link University of Rome – they have repeatedly taken sap for their growth. There are therefore two cases. Either Casaleggio and associates have tried to sell Italy to a South American dictatorship, or someone is using the Five Stars to get their hands on our country. Both hypotheses are of extreme gravity, more than complaints need a thorough investigation.

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