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I have sympathy and friendship, and great esteem, for these people. So I can immediately put the sorrows aside and look forward. EICMA 2020 is not done. It will not be done in times and places. The world motorcycle show that we expected and that we look forward to every year goes to 2021, and the Most popular motorcycle show, our flagship in the exhibition and representative field, this year will not be done. Not physically.

The decision is heavy and at the same time weighted, exudes displeasure and all thereCommitment to find that magical solution that proved impossible in real life.

It’s a sad decision, very sad, but wise, sensible. For many reasons. The first is still the CoViD-19, not in the excuse-excuse version used by many, too many, to send upstream or home.

It is true that they would still be missing four months when the gates open, but we are talking about an event that cannot afford the slightest burr, and that counts its success on the record numbers of public attendance. It doesn’t seem vaguely jarring to think of 800 thousand today, a million people, to that river full of visitors passionate and euphoric that we consistently struggled to go up? Well, in fact there is still no guarantee that the problem, even if reduced and under control, will no longer exist on November 5, the day scheduled for the inauguration. It is not for EICMA and there is not for the Fiera di Milano. Who decides to don’t take the risk today proves to have that courage which we would mistakenly attribute to the opposite decision to be considered, instead, an act of reckless irresponsibility.

There is a signal which preceded all of this, and which made us discuss at length. At the dawn of the infection, KTM is BMW had already decided that they would not participate in the 2020 editions of the major trade fairs. Milan among these, given that we speak of adults. It has been said: if they are missing, what will the others do? Another form of “contagion” has been thought of, but the truth is in count today. If today the general situation screams that it is better to regulate oneself, be careful and save, that voice must be heard. And operators in a sector that, incidentally, has not had the grace of a single signal from the public administration to listen to it. Squeezed between I whined about the car and theeuphoria of the bike, the bike was simply ignored in any and all support and incentive plans. The Moto therefore has a duty to bring to the family of enthusiasts a message of solid, concrete, independent commitment. As has always been the case.

ANCMA, the new, crystal clear ANCMA as president Paolo Magri, she immediately moved on loose ground. The restart of the Association in a “clean” key, the emergency CoViD-19, the freezing of the market at the key moment of the spring awakening. All this has logically poured on the EICMA 2020 construction process. A quagmire!

Probably ANCMA could have work on one reduced version of EICMA, more aligned with the times that (not) run and with the new units of distance measurement. But a scale model, one would make sense incomplete showcase, a solution that goes against the trendEICMA of records we know? No, and in any case it would have been a contradiction to ask visitors to stay away from themselves respecting a responsible distance. EICMA has always been the event of elbow to elbow, of critical arm, of comments to the ear, accomplices, inspirers.

Sum of reasons. Sacrosanct and logical. Better to hire one global responsibility uncompromising and an honest definition of priorities. That’s why I think ANCMA took one fair and acceptable decision by all fans.

On the one hand I am calm, on the other a little less. On the one hand I guess who has had it the courage of sensibility he will not sit idly. On the other hand, I fear that non-continuity is a danger. I would like ANCMA and EICMA to be present in the key moments of the evolution of the species, of the traditional revelation of the novelties. Other products and proposals, signals, other and renewed ideas that preserve the importance of current affairs with a strong message of continuity.

Then, it goes without saying, EICMA 2021 of records!

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