Egypt, the leadership of the Democratic Party: “Answers on the Regeni murder or the stop to arms is discussed”


ROME – Answers about Regeni or the stop to arms in Egypt is discussed. The direction of the DEM on foreign policy ends with an agenda, which could blow up the military order with the sale of two frigates to Egypt.The document approved at the end says: “The Pd agrees to discuss with the majority and the government the possible suspension of military supply agreements in the absence of immediate and concrete responses on the killing of Giulio Regeni“.


Regeni, Count in the commission of inquiry: “From Sisi to availability, but now acts”

A four-hour confrontation with no holds barred, which addresses all the hot topics on the table, from the two frigates to Egypt to the refinancing of the Libyan coastguard.
The agenda on Egypt, the halt to the military order if no concrete steps are taken having in truth about Regeni, arrive after a heated debate. It starts from a text presented by Matteo Orfini who asks to immediately block the military order, without if and without but, fearing an exchange between business and the right to justice in the name of Giulio.The agenda reiterates: “The Democratic Party reiterating that the defense of human rights in every place in the world is an indissoluble part of our political identity and the basic principles of our worldview, since the search for the truth about death is primary and indispensable by Giulio Regeni, and the release of Patrick Zaki is equally postponed (…) he believes the immediate resumption of judicial collaboration by Egypt is essential, implementing the international letters rogatory to carry out the interrogations in addition to any other act useful for ascertaining the responsible for the murder of Regeni and their possible trial in a regular trial starting from the meeting between the prosecutors that will take place on 1st July “.

The dem commitment ends with the possibility precisely of “suspension of military supply agreements in the absence of immediate and concrete answers on the killing of Regeni. Satisfied Orfini:” the left does not withdraw in front of human rights and does not hide when there is it is a violation of rights. These are choices that belong to politics, not to Eni’s board of directors or to some study centers “.

Then it’s up to the dem secretary Nicola Zingaretti mediate and clarify the party’s course. He affirms that “in Egypt without a political and economic role for Italy, the Regeni case would be closed. For this reason there is no contradiction between maintaining cooperation with Egypt and a strong and determined commitment to obtaining the truth about Giulio Regeni” . Indeed, only the maintenance of an Italian role can favor the truth about Regeni.

And on Libya, Zingaretti mediated with respect to the request of those who want to stop the refinancing of the coastguard that will arrive in the next few days to the vote of Parliament. “Just as it is part of our commitment in Libya to fight for the evacuation of refugee camps and the implementation of humanitarian corridors primarily for women and children. Human rights are also defended in Libya by fighting to assert them and not washing their hands by abandoning the terrain”. Furthermore, an appeal to Europe. Both as regards the search for the truth about Regeni, and about Libya, one of the hottest foreign policy dossiers on the government table.

Lele Fiano opens with the initial relationship. Speakers Piero Fassino, Marina Sereni Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, the former Minister of Defense, Roberta Pinotti, is Gianni Cuperlo, Giuditta Pini, Francesco Verducci.

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