Eclipse of the moon on June 5 visible throughout Italy: here are the best times


Tomorrow, Friday 5 June 2020, we will have a new astronomical show splendidly visible from all over Italy: it will be the turn of the second lunar eclipse of 2020, on the occasion of the Strawberry Full Moon, while the first was on the evening of 10 January 2020. The national live show on Astronomitaly, the Astronomical Tourism Network.

“The lunar eclipse which will take place tomorrow evening will not be an eclipse like the one that literally kept us upturned on the evening of July 27, 2017 -Astronomitaly explains- but it will still be an astronomical show worthy of note. It will in fact be one penumbral lunar eclipse “.

Tomorrow’s penumbral eclipse of the moon will begin around 7.45 pm, but will not be visible yet, since the Moon will rise at 8.45 pm. The phase of maximum darkening of the Moon will take place at 21:25, when 59% of the Moon will be immersed inside the cone of shadow produced by the Earth, to end shortly after 11 pm. Rome timetables have been taken as a reference.

What is a penumbral eclipse? “A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun – explains Astronomitaly – preventing the latter from illuminating our Satellite. Obviously the eclipse is total when the Moon is exactly inside the shadow cone derived from the presence of the Earth in front of the Sun, it is partial when not all the Moon is darkened and some rays of the Sun are still able to illuminate a part of its facade. Before all these phenomena take place, at the beginning of each type of eclipse the Moon always enters the penumbra cone: it would be the moment when the Earth begins to obstruct the rays of the Sun directed towards the facade of the Moon, causing a temporary reduction of brightness “.

It will not be the only eclipse of 2020: June 21stor, date of summer solstice, we will have one partial eclipse of the Sun., even if the solar darkening will be extremely low (around 3% in Central Italy, zero in Northern Italy, up to 14% in Salento) and will be difficult to observe due to the time of day. However, it will be another event that we will be able to follow on Astronomitaly channels. Another lunar eclipse is expected on November 30, but it will not be visible from Italy, as will the solar eclipse of December 14, 2020.


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