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Monday 15 June 2020

The restaurant industry suffered a good blow from the coronavirus ed Eataly it is not exempt from it. But the chain founded by Oscar Farinetti and led by his son Nicola, he closes a 2019 with a plus sign and looks to the current year with a development plan abroad to be completed.
Oscar farinetti
Last week Milano Finanza reported the economic results of Eataly, which in the year just ended returned to profit (8 million) thanks to the equity investment it held in Lurisia and sold to Coca-Cola (a gain of 22.9 million). Revenues last year amounted to 527 million, 236.7 million generated in the United States of America and 235 million in our country.2020 had started off on the right foot: in January and February they had a 6.6% increase in turnover. But then, COVID-19 has upset all the programs. The company, however, is working on the new openings planned in Dallas and San Jose, London and Brussels, as well as in Verona.

Milano Finanza reports how Eataly is in talks to get new funding from the banks (100 million with Sace guarantee), resources that will be used for development (such as the recent capital increase of 25 million) while the company will undertake to set up a new structure. The target? Reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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