Earthquake in Fiera Milano: CEO Curci leaves. Rumors Affairs: Eicma is not done


-> by Fabio Massa

When the boat sinks, the captain … leaves. Obviously without any kind of severance pay. The captain is Fabrizio Curci, now former CEO of Fiera Milano Spa, which only two months ago had cashed in the renewal from Fiera Foundation. And now, however, the lightning bolt (but that cannot come unexpectedly for the protagonist Curci, given the fact that the negotiations for posts of this type last for weeks). According to rumors would find another job, evidently quieter than the Fair, dealing with the very difficult management of theCovid emergency who brought the structure to its knees, which would therefore have needed a firm guide. According to reliable rumors collected by Milanto complicate the situation is the fact that EICMA he would have informed that the cycle and motorcycle fair, one of the most important, historical, famous and profitable, would have announced to give a flat rate: in November it will not be held. At this point, the president of Fondazione Fiera Enrico Pazzali will have to find a new CEO for Fiera Milano Spa, probably in a very tight circle. Obviously the issue of the Hospital in Fiera has nothing to do with the departure of the now ex-Curci.


Fiera Milano S.p.A. informs that today Dr. Fabrizio Curci has resigned from the office of Director, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, effective after the board meeting already scheduled for June 18, 2020, motivated by the decision to undertake a new path professional and personal.

“What spent at the fair was an incredibly intense three-year period that gave me the opportunity to get to know and appreciate an unexpected reality with enormous potential. Fiera Milano is a solid company, not only financially, but above all because it is made up of extraordinary people and professionals who they will know how to lead it towards new, even more ambitious goals “said Dr. Curci.

The Board of Directors addressed Dr. Curci full thanks for having prepared, proposed and implemented during his mandate a challenging recovery, safety and relaunch plan of Fiera Milano and for establishing the organizational, commercial and innovation premises and development for the continuation of the Company’s consolidation and growth path.

Taking note of the above, the Board of Directors immediately activated the Succession Plan which will ensure the continuity and stability of the management.

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