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This strange summer 2020 looks more and more like a kind of E3 stretched beyond belief, with the advantage of keeping the interest high over a long period of time and the defect of watering down a little the magic of the classic fair between truly endless expectations , but in fact some events have remained substantially unchanged, such as the conference EA Play Live on air this night, set for 1:00 in the morning of 19 June 2020 and also the protagonist of a Marathon on Multiplayer.it. Due to anti-coronavirus security measures and social distancing, the event became a presentation in streaming, but the concept remains the same: to concentrate in a single session the major innovations foreseen by Electronic Arts for the next months (and maybe years), therefore we can expect a good amount of large-caliber novelties arriving in the next few hours, given that for better or for worse let’s talk about one of the major video game publishers on the square. Perhaps also because of the presentations related to PS5 and Xbox Series X, which are totally channeling attention, not much has been said about the new possibilities coming from EA Play. Indeed, to be honest, it really seems that there are no great expectations for this conference, with a hype that is close to zero, yet precisely in view of the upcoming next gen, we can also expect very interesting news.

Oddly, for the moment they have not emerged large leak for the event scheduled tonight, unlike what usually happens in the hours before the presentations. Obviously, the choice of the new streaming format also allows you to more easily maintain the confidentiality of the information, which was also evident with the presentation of PS5, of which practically nothing was known in the period prior to transmission. This only increases curiosity about the information of this night, in addition to the fact that next gen games will also have to be presented at this point. Knowing EA’s modus operandi and the size of its productions, it is very probable that the publisher will insist on the cross-gen format at least for the next few months, but information on projects more distant and more projected on the looming new generation could also emerge. As for the certainties, we can already count some announcements that emerged in recent days, such as Star Wars: Squadrons, the new game of space battles based on Star Wars, and Madden NFL 21, which also revealed information on the Dual system. Entitlement, which should guarantee the free upgrade of the games to the next gen, unless it is a transition to a digital only console.

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For the rest, we can easily expect the presence of FIFA 21 and other classic sports like NHL 21 and probably UFC 4, which will star in an already announced closed beta. From here on, we can only make assumptions and to tell the truth there is the possibility that this is a rather modest EA Play, considering the rumors about the numerous absences that emerged in the previous months. Battlefield 6 would seem an ideal candidate to appear on this occasion, but its expected release in 2021 makes it perhaps too far to be presented now, which however could pave the way for some alternative surprise in the subjective shooters, such as Battlefield : Bad Company 3 which has been awaited for years now. Similarly, something new may emerge from Respawn: beyond Apex Legends, which will certainly continue on its way, there may be some new project even if Titanfall 3 seems completely out of the question. Of course, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is too early too, but there may be room for some content additions, such as a story-based DLC. Need for Speed ​​Heat is also really close to thinking about a sequel to the series, although there is a possibility that the series may be annualized.

At BioWare we don’t know what to expect, since there are many things we would like to see from the team but we also have a certain fear of not seeing any of them. With the big ongoing work on Anthem’s restructuring, some news on this is possible, but we also hope for something new. Dragon Age 4 it is obviously at the top of the EA list of wishes, but at this point it is difficult to unbalance its presence at EA Play Live, although this would be enough to definitely straighten out any event. Another corridor item that emerged in the last period with particular force also concerns a possible version remastered by the Mass Effect Trilogy, another title that would surely warm the hearts, despite being a re-release. The mention of a classic “HD title” returning in the next period is in fact in the official documents of the company, so something like this could really boil in the pot.

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