E-Book Reader, available Foliate 2.2.0 with support for comics


Foliate Linux it’s one of the best e-Book Reader In circulation. I told you about it in April on the occasion of the release of version 2.0. Foliate 2.2.0 it is here to improve the good things done so far and to introduce some noteworthy innovations.

Foliate is free and open source, based on the GTK libraries, on GJS and Epub.js. It supports several formats including .epub, .mobi, .azw and .azw3 which can be consulted with different layouts. The application has several features that make it very complete:

  • Customizable font size and type, margins, justified, line-spacing, auto-hypenation, zoom and brightness management;
  • Progress slider for reading and bookmarks for the chapter;
  • Bookmarks and annotations;
  • Quick dictionary search with Wiktionary, Wikipedia and dictd or text translation with Google Translate;
  • 10 built-in themes including light-dark, sepia, Solarized and Gruvbox Light & Dark, as well as support for custom themes;
  • Search functions in the text of the book;
  • Keyboard shortcuts and touch gestures;
  • Ability to select text between pages;
  • Find the selected text in the book;
  • Say the selected text or from the selected position;
  • Options to use custom colors for highlights;
  • WebKit developer tools;
  • Support for text-to-speech.

E-book reader Foliate 2.2.0: all the news

This new release has many improvements. The first concerns the search for free e-books through OPDS. OPDS is the feed protocol used by various free services such as Gutenberg Project, Standard e-books is Feedbooks.


Being able to access the works in these repositories from within the app is an excellent idea. The new “Catalogs” function is accessible as a tab in the new Library view. A dedicated library view has long been requested by the users of the app and the developers have decided to please them. Implemented as a separate window from the reader panel, the new Foliate library shows all the eBooks added by cover, sorted from most recent to least recent.

foliate library
The new library view.

You can manually add multiple OPDS feeds as well as edit or remove the ones present by default. The built-in image viewer can now rotate images while you are watching them. To complete this update we find a new option to set the maximum page width and a good series of security patches.

In addition to these important functions, the application also has various secondary features that many will find useful, such as viewing the metadata of an e-Book, the full screen mode and more. Foliate 2.2.0 supports several new formats, including comic book formats:

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