E-bike, the new fashion: 10 interesting models on the market


In the wake of the mobility bonus, everyone wants a bicycle, even pedaling assist. We have selected a few, with different characteristics and prices

We have talked about it several times, the post lockdown has consecrated the bike as new passion of the Italians. Not only traditional bicycles, they are also very successful e-bike, pedal assisted bikes. The strength of e-bikes is certainly theirs versatility: many models adapt to various types of terrain and can be used both in one urban context, to go to work for example, or to do some excursion. The pedal assistance allows, then, to face the paths with less effort.

There are really many types and with the mobility bonus to spend could be the right time to make a new purchase. But which are the best? We have selected 10, for all budgets.

Bicycles and scooters, the new fashion: + 225% in online searches

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