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Dying Light – Hellraid has a date of Exit official, announced by Techland with a new trailer: the DLC will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting July 23.

Announced with a teaser in April, the Hellraid DLC for Dying Light will introduce a supernatural element in the gameplay first-person action survival, when our character is sucked into a cursed cabin.

Nobody knows where this strange arcade cabinet comes from. One day, the inhabitants of the Tower simply found it in the basement after a mysterious blackout. They took him upstairs, without knowing that it is the gateway to another world.

Shake up your experience with Dying Light by using this eerie device to access a brand new game mode based on Hellraid, a brand new first-person fantasy-slasher game from Techland.

Enter a mysterious portal, leave Harran’s familiar streets and emerge in an otherworldly fortress invaded by the servants of Hell. Kill new enemies demonic with medieval swords, axes and hammers as you venture into stone corridors and dark rooms.

Show yours skills in intense raids in the dungeons infested with demons. Collect bounties for additional rewards every time you return to the fortress. Improve your Hellraid rank to access new weapons that you can also handle outside of the infernal kingdom.

Challenge fate alone or gather up to 4 people to challenge the minions of Hell. Prepare to face demonic forces that will put your skills to the test in formidable challenges.

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