Dybala: ‘Juve, are you there?’ He wants renewal from 15 million a year, to 12 it can be done ‘


The Lady willing to make it a new symbol after Ronaldo, but Joya now expects an acceleration for the new contract “

Juve says he wants to lock him down, but has not reached the decisive lunge for the renewal. Paulo Dybala asks to be recognized as a symbol, as the highest paid of the black and white company (and of the whole AC) after the unreachable Ronaldo. It would be the putting into practice of a project that Juve has exposed, both publicly and privately: Paulo can be the man around whom to build the future in the post-Christian era.


But money also plays a role in this story. So far the salary issue has not been reached, but the request made by Dybala staff is likely to rise to 15 million net. At the moment Paulo gains 7.3, fourth among the humans behind Higuain-Pjanic (7.5) and the newly arrived De Ligt (8). Juve is willing to satisfy him with a push at the engagement and the feeling is that around 11-12 it can be closed.

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