Dybala: “Happy with Juventus. Renewal? It doesn’t depend on me”


TURIN – Paulo Dybala, a few days after returning to the field after stopping for the Coronavirus, in an interview with CNN spoke of racism, of the Barcelona he was born in renewal of contract with the Juve (will expire in a year and a half). Then the Joya he revealed that he had been close to leaving Turin, with several clubs that made him court.

Dybala: “United against racism”

“It was not easy for Kean, I also had experiences in various racism situations with other Juventus team-mates, in other stadiums. Some Italian stadiums have a certain racism against footballers, it also happened to Mario Balotelli, in Pjanic in a game against Brescia. I think the punishment here must be more severe. Otherwise we will be the players to take the measures available so that this does not continue, because we are talking about one of the biggest leagues in the world, where millions of people are watching and if they watch racism without seeing consequences, people feel justified and continue to do it. People who can act, must do it. Surely in a short time the players will take action. As has happened so many times in the past, someone has decided to to leave the field or not to play. For me it is a perfect decision, it is something that should not happen in a country. If the federation, in this case the Italian one iana, does not decide to do anything, the players must be the first to react. Or, as done by referees in the past, to stop the game so these people don’t continue to commit that crime. Sometimes it is difficult to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has suffered from racism, when you have never experienced it. You can’t because you don’t know the feeling. But you know what it is when it happens to your partner, not only for the color, but also for the country from which it comes. Fortunately, my family educated me differently and I can respect people for who they are, for their way of thinking and not for how they are dressed, where they come from or the color of their skin. I think everyone should grow like this, but obviously this is not the case. Here not only people must fight racism, but we must be united as a society “.

Juve, Dybala returns to talk about Covid-19

On the episode of Kean in Cagliari

There Joya then rewinds the tape and returns to the Cagliari episode when Kean was the subject of racist insults from the home crowd. Bonucci spoke of the boy’s 50% fault: “At the time, there were not the right words for what happened. You must be very careful when you talk about certain things, bring the right message you want to give. Often the words are taken badly from the context. Certainly both, coach and footballer, can learn from certain things. I know Bonucci and Allegri so well that they believe they have no racist thoughts. Maybe the phrase didn’t come out well … I repeat: we must fight racism “.?

Dybala: “It seemed that Juve didn’t want me anymore. Several clubs looked for me”

“Yes, a year ago it seemed that Juve no longer wanted to count on me and took me out. I was contacted, there were some clubs interested because the club no longer wanted to keep me in their squad during the past summer. I had given many good moments at Juve and it wasn’t right that it would end like that. I can confirm that the proposals were not lacking. Among these I had offers from Manchester United and Tottenham, then Paris Saint-Germain also arrived. I didn’t speak directly with them, but there were conversations between the clubs. Anyway, my intention was to stay. I hadn’t lived a positive year, so I didn’t want to leave leaving a bad memory. So I communicated my intention to stay, I worked hard to improve. Obviously it was not easy, because Juventus’ intentions were different. Then the market ended and Sarri’s arrival made me grow a lot. The team started to play much better and this has helped utato. To date I have played an excellent season “.

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Dybala on renewal

“At the moment there is nothing, really. I still have a year and a half of contract, which is not much, and I understand that with everything that has happened (Coronavirus, ed) it is not easy for the club, but other players have also renewed. So let’s wait. Obviously I’m a player of this club and I’m happy to be here. People love me very much and I reciprocate. I have great affection for the club and the people here, I have a good relationship with my president and surely at some point they will come to talk. Or maybe not, I don’t know. At some point there may be renewal, but it depends on Juventus “.

Dybala on Barcelona

“The truth is that Barcelona is an extraordinary club and with Messi it is even more. Playing at Barcelona would be very nice, but Juventus is also an incredible club, huge, full of history, where today there are great players. C there is enough quality here to make two teams and the chance to play with Buffon and Cristiano Ronaldo, which makes the club even bigger “.


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