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Mike Laidlaw is proud to have seen it appear Dragon Age 2 in top 10 of the best selling games on Steamafter so many years after launch and despite the game’s bad reputation.

Evidently the ex-Bioware, who also worked on Jade Empire and the Mass Effect series, is particularly linked to the second chapter of the Dragon Age series, as is clear from his tweets.

Laidlaw: “Seeing DAII on Steam’s top selling list is pretty damn surreal as far as I’m concerned.

It was a game full of flaws, but the team worked really hard to make it happen in the very short time we were given, so I always felt proud to have worked on it.

In fact Dragon Age 2 is remembered as the worse Dragon Age, despite some good ideas, especially on a narrative level. Unfortunately, as is clear from Laidlaw’s words, the problem of the game was the very short time that EA gave Bioware to develop it, which forced to cut many ideas and to equip it with a more limited game structure than in the first and most ambitious chapter.

Electronic Arts recently brought some of its titles to Steam, including Dragon Age 2, which apparently some were looking forward to playing.

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