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The taste of freedom for a dog has many aspects: from the possibility of moving freely to the serenity of playing and making new discoveries. So Lee Asher, a great animal lover who lives in Oregon (United States), wanted to make an unforgettable experience for nine dogs saved from a life to spend inside a kennel: he took them to the beach, giving them the opportunity to run free and dive into the sea.

Lee Asher has decided to give them this opportunity to make people understand how much dogs can feel joy and can transmit it. In fact, he has been managing “The Asher House” for years and with his caravan he travels across the United States with his dogs to make people aware of adopting the animals found in the shelters of the cities he visits.

The joy of nine dogs for the first time on the beach

And in the video published on the web, the joy of those dogs is experienced at all times: they ran, bathed and played for hours in complete freedom. “We send our love to you from the Oregon coast,” concludes the video, as if it were a postcard sent from a happy land.

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