Dog meat festival in Yulin, Brambilla: “The coronavirus lesson is not served”


The Yulin dog meat festivaleven in the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, a coronavirus that has just occurred in China and that according to experts may have found precisely in a wet market, or one of those open-air livestock markets where animals are also slaughtered on the spot, the ideal conditions for the jump of species that then made it lethal even to humans. All over the world the protest of animal rights associations is mounting, also because not later than two months ago the Chinese government had made it known that it wanted to turn the page on what is now a residual tradition, the consumption of dog meat, but that still ends up feeding a vast traffic of animals that are often kidnapped from their rightful owners and then sold and slaughtered.

Even this year, however, traders and buyers met in this small town in Guangxi, in southern China, as if nothing had happened. “It’s disheartening,” he comments Michela Vittoria Brambilla, president of the Leidaa and representative in Italy of World Dog Alliance – to note that not even the hard lesson imparted by the disease serves to definitively close a barbaric and horrible initiative, condemned by the whole world and rooted in increasingly unpopular uses and customs among the Chinese population itself “. The World Dog Alliance is the association chaired by the Japanese tycoon Genlin internationally fighting against the consumption and trade of cat and dog meat. “This time – underlines Brambilla, who is also president of the parliamentary intergroup for animal rights – not only animals risk ending up in hell: Yulin is a colossal wet market, where not even the most basic hygiene rules are respected. One more reason to keep fighting for the shameful slaughter of animals to end. “

The Chamber has already been filed a bill, first signed by the Hon. Brambilla, which introduces the prohibition of slaughtering, trade and consumption of cat and dog meat in Italy. A ban already in force in Austria and Germany and introduced on December 18, 2018 in the United States by President Trump. “Although there is substantially no evidence of the consumption of canine or feline meat in Italy – the MP stresses – introduce a explicit prohibition with appropriate criminal sanctions it is necessary not only to fully recognize the role that these pets have taken on in our society but to help affirm this principle at an international level. It is precisely the path taken by other European countries or countries of western culture that thus support the battle waged by animal protection associations, especially in the Far East “.

Genlin also produced the documentary “Eating Happiness” to show the world how dogs intended for food consumption live and die, in China but also in Korea or Vietnam. Genlin and his Wdo’s goal is to ensure that the ban on dog and cat meat is introduced in as many national legal systems as possible, so as to remove all alibi from nations that still tolerate this practice. In the world, recalls the World Dog Alliance, they are approx 30 million dogs killed for human consumption per year, of which beyond 10 million only in China. In the Republic of Korea, dog meat is the fourth largest by consumption, after pork, beef and chicken. At the basis of this “success” there is the idea that dog meat has thaumaturgical properties, even if there has never been scientific proof of the alleged benefits. “Instead, eating dog meat feeds an unspeakably cruel traffic – Brambilla highlights – which entails terrible suffering for animals, also because it is believed that inflicting pain increases the animal’s adrenaline levels, making its flesh more tender and increasing its alleged beneficial properties. It often happens that animals, in many cases stolen from their families, are killed with electric shock or bludgeoned and skinned while they are still alive ».

June 22, 2020 (change June 22, 2020 | 19:22)


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