Does Xbox Series X have few games? The new event ‘will make many think again’, for an analyst


Reflecting on the communication strategy adopted by Microsoft following the event on PS5 games, gaming analyst Benji Sales believes that statements like Greenberg’s statements on the greater power of Xbox Series X compared to that of PS5 may conceal the announcement of many games all over the world. event of July.

In discussing the topic with his Twitter followers, Benji Sales it underlines how “The Xbox division has been really aggressive in the last few days with tweets. As a corporate move I have to say that I like it, I always thought it would be a mistake to passively grant the entire cycle of news and marketing to Sony in coincidence with the PS5 game event. Keeping Xbox Series X featured as a social discussion topic is the right move “.

The most interesting reflection that the analyst entrusts to social media is however another and regards, if we want, the “revenge” that the Xbox division of Microsoft would be preparing with thedigital event on Xbox Series X games expected for July: “People who keep saying that ‘Xbox has no games’ will have a rude awakening in July. Anyone who likes to cheerlead for one nextgen console or the next will soon have to find a slogan or pretext other than this.”.

While we wait to know the official date of theevent on XSX games, we leave you with this in-depth analysis of the words spoken by Phil Spencer to outline Microsoft’s nextgen vision by discussing support for the Xbox Series X player, with interesting reflections on the price and on the services offered to users through the whole family of green-crossed systems, including Windows 10 PC, Xbox One and Project xCloud.

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