Does Iliad Italia accelerate on the fiber market? The launch earlier than the initial plans –


Recently, the fixed network market has expanded again following the arrival of Sky WiFi and the announcement of the arrival of Orange Business Services. Several customers are waiting now the Iliad landing, which could arrive earlier than expected.

Already shortly after the official launch of Iliad in Italy, several customers had clamored for an offer also on the fixed network.

At first, the top management of the Group in Italy and France had stated that the fixed market was not part of the company’s plans, but later Iliad announced the goal of achieve fixed-mobile convergence in 2024.

During the Capital Markets Day when the plan was presented Odyssey 2024In fact, Iliad had announced its entry into the fixed network market, while highlighting the priority of the mobile segment in its development project, which passes through the creation of a capillary mobile network infrastructure throughout Italy. No clear timing had been provided, but fixed-mobile convergence in Italy also included the long-term objectives of the five-year period.

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In recent months, no certain news has emerged about the launch of Iliad in the fiber, but according to the first rumors Iliad could become Open Fiber partner to offer its services on the fixed segment in Italy.

Indeed, if it is true that to date Iliad has not entered into agreements with any partner for the provision of fiber services, already some time ago Benedetto Levi cited Open Fiber as one of the operators with suitable wholesale offers to start offering connectivity on the fixed network.

Most recently, in an interview last month with Corcom, Iliad CEO Benedetto Levi had said that Iliad is approaching the launch of the landline, compared to the initial plans. According to the CEO, the landing would not require the Group to make large initial investments given the presence of the wholesale offers from TIM, Open Fiber and Fastweb, and would meet the demand for a good share of the operator’s customers on the mobile.

Even in this case, however, a time interval for the launch had not been provided and Levi had not informed about any partnerships, agreements or simple negotiations with wholesale operators, limiting himself to remembering that for this year the mobile segment would continue to be the priority.

What is certain is that a time interval emerges, however, placed in advance of the initial plans. According to what reported, in fact, it is possible that Iliad succeeds in enter the fixed network market earlier than originally established, to add to the growth of the customer base on mobile also new customers in the fixed segment through the network infrastructure of wholesale operators.

By entering the fixed network market, the operator would achieve a goal of its strategic plan, which provides for Italy, in the long term, revenues of € 1.5 billion and a substantial reduction in Group EBITDA losses (clearly generated by the important investment for entry into Italy).

As mentioned at the outset, the fixed network market has just witnessed Sky’s entry into the fiber segment, with Open Fiber and Fastweb as a partner. The company led by manager Maximo Ibarra (known face in Italian telecommunications) praised the work of Open Fiber and its new development plans.

Orange Business Services has also chosen the wholesale operator Open Fiber for its entry into Italy, to focus on various solutions dedicated to the business segment and the Public Administration.

It cannot be excluded that Open Fiber could manage to add Iliad’s name to its list of partners that is constantly growing.

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