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The stone in the pigeon house of Italian politics was thrown early in the morning by the front page of a right-wing Spanish newspaper, the ABC. Which told with all the details of a spy-story of a cash loan – and therefore illegal – of 3.5 million made 10 years ago by the Venezuelan government in Gianroberto Casaleggio, deceased founder of the M5S.

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ABC, the author of the scoop on M5S and Venezuela: «My work is based on multiple sources»

M5S, alleged funding from Maduro. The Venezuelan embassy: «False, we will take legal action»

The scoop is immediately reported as “mud on my father” by Davide Casaleggio and dismissed as fake news by the political leader of the MoVimento Vito Crimi, The pentastellati ensure that they will start a mountain of complaints. They also deny Caracas and the Venezuelan consul in Milan, Gian Carlo Di Martino, indicated by the Iberian newspaper as the person who kept contact with his father Casaleggio.

The story dates back to 2010, a year after the birth of the M5s. According to the classified document cited by ABC, the current Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, then Foreign Minister of President Chavez, at the time would have sent a briefcase with 3.5 million euros to the consulate in Milan addressed to Casaleggio father, founder of the Movement with Beppe Grillo and creator of the Rousseau platform. Money delivered by the consul Gian Carlo Di Martino to the ideologue of the MoVimento, who died in 2016, indicated by Caracas as “promoter of a revolutionary leftist movement in the Italian Republic”.

The money would have been sent “through diplomatic suitcase” by the then head of the 007 Venezuelans Hugo Carvajal, for a couple of years spent with the pro-American opposition of Venezuela, then expatriated to Spain and now fugitive because internationally sought for drugs . Carvajal asked the military attache in Italy who had discovered the briefcase of “not continuing to report on the matter”, because it could have “become a diplomatic problem” between Rome and Caracas.
The sum would have been drawn from reserved funds administered by the then Interior Minister Tareck el Aissami, who is now under American sanctions for drug trafficking and money laundering.

A clear denial from Caracas rained on the ABC document, confirmed by the newspaper. Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza spoke of “mythomania of the media of the world right against Venezuela”. Consul Di Martino said he “never met Gianroberto Casaleggio”. And that it is a “false news, already released in 2016” and that “reappears now after Maduro convened the elections in Venezuela”. “All false and absurd, we will take legal action,” confirmed the embassy in Rome.

Even in the M5S house “legal proceedings will be evaluated”, warned Crimi, deriving the story from “ridiculous and imaginative fake news” and recalling that “even then we carried out an election campaign made with very few resources and resources”. This was echoed by Davide Casaleggio, heir of his father in the management of Rousseau, underlining that the Movement “has always been financed in a transparent way and was the only one to make all budgets public”.
From Madrid the journalistic direction of ABC confirmed everything, making it clear that it had checked the sources. And thus fueling the fire of opposition in Rome. “Instead of the Genoa model to revive the economy, there is a CGIL-Venezuela model”, Matteo Salvini attacked.

“The executive will report to the courtroom as soon as possible”, is the request of Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy. For Forza Italia Antonio Tajani has announced that he will present a question to the EU High Representative Josep Borrell while Maria Stella Gelmini has frontally attacked the double moral of the grill. On tiptoe the reactions of the Democratic Party which indicates a generic need to clarify.

To complete the picture we must remember the robust relationships cultivated over the years by the 5Stelle with the government of Venezuela led first by Chavez and now by Maduro. During the serious institutional crisis of 2019, therefore with the Conte / 1 government, the grillini pushed the executive to the neutrality between the Venezuelan executive and the liberal opposition. All other Western governments sided with the opposition.

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