Doctors and nurses who have been engaged in the fight against coronavirus for months: “Someone look after our children in the summer” – La Stampa


TORINO. “We take care of the patients but who takes care of our children?” This is the request contained in the letter to President Alberto Cirio written by Anaao Assomed Piemonte and Nursind Piemonte, trade unions of hospital doctors and nurses: «The closure of schools for health professionals with minor children committed to managing the Covid-19 emergency was a problem that aggravated the already heavy workload in hospitals. Now the difficulty in work-life balance is prolonged, because hospitals do not close in the summer: we will be entitled to 15 days of vacation and nothing more. Who will look after our children? »
Even before the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency, a survey we proposed to the Piedmontese health professionals revealed that for 94% of responders managing children in the summer months represented a problem, defined as very serious by over 56% of them.

When Tosi in 2017 as mayor of Verona promised to cover the Arena in 3 years

The requests
Following are the requests: «For these workers and workers we are now asking in the city of Turin for pilot projects of summer centers in the municipal parks next to the hospitals. Registration for summer camps should be reserved as a priority to the children of ASL employees. They should agree with the summer camps, contributing financially to the payment of a portion of the tuition. The opening hours should have a certain flexibility, to be reconciled with the hospital shifts. ” And again: “That in the cities where summer centers are already planned, an ASL convention with them will be activated, so that an economic contribution is foreseen as well as the priority of registration for the children of the employees”.

We nurses are not heroes, but underpaid and among the few to be close to those who are alone in front of Covid-19

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