Do you want to contact TIM, Vodafone and WindTre customer service via Whatsapp? Here are the numbers to save!


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Also for CoopVoce, Spusu and Tiscali Mobile
What’s more comfortable than send a WhatsApp message for assistance? No endless waiting in line, complicated IVR and maybe reception problems. Of all the operators present in Italy, many have equipped themselves to handle requests through the hugely popular instant messaging service. However, each has its limitations and its rules, as well as a specific number to be saved in the address book in order to start messaging.


The contact number is 335.12.37.272 (or you can directly click here to start a chat), as it is reported via SMS to some customers. This is the account reserved for private mobile customers and offers the possibility of converse with a BOT or, on request, with a consultant. Please note: assistance can be requested only for the TIM number associated with the Whatsapp account you are using.


All customers of the red operator can write to TOBi, the digital assistant, to 349.91.90.190 (or by clicking here). As happens from the Web or from the MyVodafone app however, it is possible to request the intervention of a consultant. To start a chat it is necessary to specify the number for which assistance is requested and then, within 10 minutes, the security code sent via SMS.


The new entity, born from the recent merger of the historic Wind and Tre operators, also offers assistance via WhatsApp. In this case the numbers available are two: 388.00.00.159 (click here) or 393.00.00.159 (click here). The conversation is initially handled by a BOT that requests to specify the number for which you are asking for assistance and subsequently routed to a telephone operator. Chat is available for customers from Wind or Tre, both for fixed and mobile numbers.

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CoopVoce was one of the first operators to use the WhatsApp channel to provide assistance. Despite the old logo, the service is still active every day from 8:00 to 21:00 to the number 370.30.10.188 (click here).


The Tiscali Help Desk assistance service replies every day from 8:30 to 21:30 (Sunday until 17:00) via Facebook, from the MyTiscali app or via WhatsApp to the number 370.10.10.130 (click here).


Even the latest addition has already prepared a messaging support service and replies Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 20:00 (Saturday until 18:00) the 378.01.02.000 (click here). Requests outside the opening hours are accepted only for particularly urgent reasons (such as blocking the SIM).



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