“Do you want to collaborate? Then make disappear what has nothing to do with the relaunch and indicate the meetings in streaming” – Libero Quotidiano


That Giuseppe Conte ruled alone despite Sergio Mattarella’s warnings is nothing new. To reiterate once again what has been done so far by the Prime Minister is Giorgia Meloni who, in terms of proposals, has never backed down. The leader of Fratelli d’Italia, interviewed by Corriere, has not denied a sort of collaboration to ferry Italy out of the post-coronavirus crisis. “We have always given the ideas – he immediately makes it clear-. Certainly not the ones that are being proposed to us by Palazzo Chigi, such as the additional 70 million for the bonus scooters, as if Italy were not made up of millions of commuters who go to work every morning but only by those who live in the historic centers. If you are not among the people but you are closed in the buildings, the result is that you think you can solve the huge crisis that awaits us with bonus scooters. shredded our amendments, and it is serious because the gap of 80 billion, which is debt and which will also be paid by our children, has passed thanks to our votes. But we have no say in what to do with it. ”

And to Conte who says he is open to work with the opposition, the leader certainly does not send them to say. In addition, Meloni puts the executive under pressure by placing her two conditions: “They want to talk? Well, here are the two conditions. Everything that has nothing to do with the relaunch disappears: armchairs, consultancy, amenities, unnecessary bonuses. And the meetings between government and opposition are streamed, so Italians will be able to judge. Are they there? “. On the other hand, for the grillini it should not be a problem, as Meloni herself reminds us “the gentlemen of the M5S, who loved transparency so much, as it happens now say no …”. Fear, perhaps, of ending up straight at home.

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