Dl school, brawl in the House: vote on Saturday morning


The process of the decree experienced a tense day in Montecitorio: first the obstructionism of the oppositions, then the attempts to dialogue failed. The river session was suspended after the League displayed a banner with the words “Azzolina boccia”. The final vote should be scheduled for Saturday morning, since the decree must be approved by Sunday

First the obstructionism to the bitter end, then the attempts of dialogue failed. The process of the School decree experienced a day of tension in the Chamber, with moments of strife, suspension of the session and banners against Minister Azzolina. The final vote should be scheduled for Saturday morning, since the decree must absolutely be approved by Sunday. After Thursday, when the oppositions, especially the League, obstructed in an attempt to bring down the decree, the roles were reversed with the majority closing the channels of dialogue, while several representatives of the center-right, especially Fi and FdI, sought in vain for contacts with the groups of the government coalition to find an agreement and conclude the vote on the same day. The eventual lapse of the decree would blow up the high school exams, a scenario that would arouse the anger of the families that could run out against the oppositions (LAST YOUTREND SURVEYS FOR SKY TG24 – THE GRAPHICS – THE REACTIONS: PLAYLIST – HYPOTHETIC “COUNT LIST” AT 14, 3% – VIDEO)

The river sitting


From the school, sitting on the river in the chamber. Plexiglass hypothesis between the benches

On Thursday afternoon, after the vote of confidence received by the government, obstructionism began on the agendas, the address documents on the application of the decree. The aim was to prevent approval of the decree by Sunday, the expiry date, with the consequent request for the resignation of Minister Azzolina. The majority on Thursday at midnight therefore decided to resort to the river session, without interruptions, except for those every three hours to sanitize the Chamber. The works therefore continued all night and all day on Friday and will continue uninterruptedly until Saturday.

Brawl in the courtroom

The obstructionism led to moments of great tension in the Chamber in Montecitorio, with the suspension of the session when the Northern League representatives raised a banner with the words “Azzolina bocciata” written on it. A choice, that of obstructionism, criticized by the majority, with Vito Crimi who defined the oppositions that with obstructionism would make the exams jump “irresponsible” and “unconscious”: “vagaries of short-sighted and power-hungry political forces”, he increased the dose. “We will do everything to prevent it, but it is right for the Italians to know what level of unconsciousness is being touched in the Chamber,” said Gianluca Vacca (M5s).

We vote on Saturday

While reiterating the opposition to the complex of rules, the deputy group leader of Fdi Tommaso Foti, in the Chamber, has distanced himself from the hard line of the League (“if we had wanted to obstruct now we would still be in general discussion”), however raising the theme of a decree left for 53 days in the Senate and that the Chamber found itself having to ratify in a few hours. A criticism that several members of the majority expressed on Monday during the examination of the decree in the Commission. Even the ambassadors of the party in via Bellerio told the majority that they had been willing to put an end to the obstructionism, if for example the live broadcast had been granted for the final explanations of vote. But at this point the majority stiffened: once the calculations were made, the yes to the decree will still arrive on Saturday morning, in time for Sergio Mattarella’s vision and its promulgation in the Gazzetta.

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