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Rome, June 5, 2020 – On brawl in court in the Chamber. And the School decree risks being converted into law in extremis: the go ahead final will indeed come only in the morning, a breath away from decay.
The measure expires Sunday but the obstructionism put in place since yesterday by FdI and the League is slowing down the works of Montecitorio a lot, still busy with the explanations of vote, in a marathon which will eventually last for almost 48 hours. And so the final green light of the provision – which governs the closing of the school year, high school exams and competitions for temporary workers – if it continues, as everything seems, the wall against wall between the majority and the opposition is not expected before tomorrow’s late morning.

At the moment there is no trace of a possible agreement, despite the attempts that followed one another.

The work of the Chamber, as decided yesterday evening, will go to the bitter end, subject to the necessary interruptions to sanitize the hemicycle. At 8.30 p.m. there were still about eighty speakers to speak, for a total of about 13 hours of speeches: it is obvious another session at night, the second consecutive after tonight.

Center-right clash

The Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina has been severely challenged by the center-right for “prolonged absence”, and then “to be seen only in the late afternoon”, is the accusation of the oppositions, which criticize the decree on the merits, but also in the method: no “our proposed modification has been accepted, “is the refrain.
The majority – who after attempting a mediation with the center-right now seem oriented not to give in to those who are branded as “blackmail” – attack Lega and FdI, defining them “irresponsible” because, it is the thesis, if the decree was not converted into law would be hiring is at risk of precarious teachers and final exams. “By sabotaging the School decree, the opposition penalizes students and families. Irresponsible!”, Insists Vito Crimi, who warns: this way “students, families and the school world are heavily damaged to make political propaganda”.

The banner against Azzolina

And in the evening the Chamber Chamber, as often happens now, turns back into a sort of stadium, with the protest put in place by the League, which unroll a banner with “Azzolina bocciata” written on it and sing chorus to the cry of “shame, shame”. The tussle erupts, a hard clash between the Northern League and the Democratic Party, sitting suspended. On Facebook, Salvini claims: “Azzolina rejected. The League deputies now in the Chamber bring the voice of millions of Italians on the shameful school decree and on the minister who wants plexiglass among the children: Azzolina rejected!”.

For their part, the deputies of the Democratic Party accuse the Northern League of having “invaded” their banks, and ask for “respect”, calling the Northern League protest “a play”. The League replies accusing the PD deputies of having “violent attitudes, with both verbal and physical threats”.

Crimi: put your maturity at risk

Barely restored order in the Chamber, the long marathon on the explanations of vote resumed. “It is inconceivable the attitude of the League and the Brothers of Italy who try to blow up the conversion into law of the decree. Is this the sense of ‘responsibility’ they so much boast about? sabotage exams of maturity that begin in less than two weeks, preventing 16,000 new places from being added to teacher competitions “, attacks Crimi, who assures:” We are fighting with all our strength to prevent it “but, he warns,” if there were no conversion into law of the decree, the ministry should return to school, for the state exams that would return to provide written and oral, one million students and 3 million other people including teachers and school staff. It is unconscious, in this delicate phase in which we must keep the maximum alert to avoid the return of the pandemic, to make the country run such a big risk “.

Iv: one million teachers would be excluded from the rankings

“One million teachers, then, would be excluded from being included in the ranking because without the conversion into law the institution of the new provincial rankings for substitutes could not start”. Italia viva also criticizes the opposition: “The closure of this strange school year in emergency for over 8 million children is at risk”, he explains Gabriele Toccafondi, group leader IV in the Chamber of Culture Commission.

But the League replies: “It is a large gang that, if the School decree is not approved, skips the hiring of 16,000 teachers. It is in fact the Relaunch decree that provides for the assignment of an additional 16,000 places to ordinary and extraordinary procedures. banned pursuant to law 159/2019. And even in this case it is a mockery, since in fact it is only the extension of a school year of the reference period for finding availability based on terminations of service budgeted, “says Mario Pittoni, president of the Culture Commission at Palazzo Madama and Head of Education for the League.

The controversy of plexiglass

In the meantime, the controversy over plexiglass between the counters does not subside. Municipalities doubts and garrisons on the reopening of September. The government also indicates other ways to return to class, for example by using theaters and museums.

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