Dl Relaunch: towards the 110% superbonus also for second homes – Economy


Towards the 110% superbonus also for second homes, with the exception of stately homes, villas or castles. Not only that: the owners of the so-called terraced houses can also take advantage of the benefits. The new wording of the amendment, which should be voted on tomorrow, rewrites the article of the Decree of the revitalization and provides that the facilities can be used for a maximum of two real estate units. The physiognomy of the benefits for energy efficiency interventions also changes: the spending ceilings are differentiated according to the type of property. In addition, the deductions are extended to the Third sector.

Even those who choose to demolish and rebuild a home can take advantage of the superbonus for energy efficiency measures. This is what the new wording of the amendment on the superbonus to the relaunch decree specifies. The proposed amendment should be voted on in committee tomorrow.

“The extension to the so-called second homes of the 110% energy saving part of the superbonus (for that of seismic improvement the incentive was already foreseen) was one of Confedilizia’s requests. However, the exclusion of some is not acceptable. categories of houses improperly considered luxury, which would even be devastating if it – as seems to emerge from the text of the amendment – also concerned the interventions on the common parts of the condominium “. We read it in a note of Confedilizia.


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