Distance learning: must be regulated with a special contract


Among the changes introduced in the school decree on the home straight, there is one that has been little talked about but which is of some importance.
It is about paragraph 3 ter of article 2 which reads: “Until the state of emergency approved by the Council of Ministers on 31 January 2020 continues, due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the methods and criteria on the basis of which to provide the work and related obligations rendered by the teaching staff of the sector ‘Education and research’, in the remote mode, are regulated by means of a specific supplementary collective contractual agreement stipulated with the representative trade union associations at national level…. The implementation of this paragraph must not result in new or greater charges for public finance “.

In concrete terms, this means that if distance learning were to continue in the first months of the next school year (which is also not entirely unlikely) it will be necessary for the Ministry and trade unions to sign a special contract to regulate the subject.
The provision of the law, however, provides that the contract is only necessary in relation to the “continuing state of emergency” which, currently, should expire at the end of July (it cannot be excluded, however, that this condition will be extended in the coming weeks).

It should still be said that the standard clearly emphasizes that the supplementary contract must still be at “zero cost”i.e. there will be no additional funding. However, this does not exclude that unions and the Ministry agree to use a part of the MOF fund which serves to remunerate the additional and project activities carried out by the teachers.

In any case, for the moment, the unions have not yet asked the Ministry to open the discussion despite the fact that in all these months they have repeatedly repeated that distance learning can be done but within a well-defined regulatory and contractual framework .

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