Disney World: Stormtroopers arrive to enforce the rules of social distancing. Video


It seems that everything is returning to normal, not only in Italy but all over the world. Here among the latest news on the reopening of social activities there is also the news of the resumption of the Walt Disney World that is, the magical world of the cartoon giant that is scheduled for 11 July. What we do not expect the decidedly brilliant idea of ​​the organizers on the supervision of the park in respect of social distancing. Yes, because to dominate the surveillance there will be nothing less than the Stormtrooper or the guards of Star Wars.

Walt Disney World: here’s how the Stormtrooper surveillance will happen

Specifically, we discover that the whole area that concerns the commercial sector of the famous theme park, and which therefore includes: shops, restaurants and more, would have reopened its doors. But really to guarantee the rules that must be respected to avoid the risk of infection that is, primarily the social distancing here is that the managers have thought of hiring gods special overseers.

Directly from the world of Star Wars here come indeedthe Stormtrooper army ready to ensure safety for all visitors who intend to return to have fun on the attractions and themed shops of Walt Disney World. The public will also be reopened onMagic Kingdomand lAnimal Kingdomnext 11 July. Following, lEpcotand iDisneys Hollywood Studiospromptly for July 15th.
To regulate access to parks and attractions, clearly all people will have to respect some important rules such as the measurement of the temperature at the entrance and also during their stay in the park as well as the obligation to wear masks in all rooms and on Rides. Moreover, in the first period only 50% of the people who can be fully housed in the park spaces will be admitted at full capacity. for the respect of these rules there will be Stormtroopers to master it with their rifles and their armor. Useful and fun.

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