Discriminations are also here, those who think they are not part of the problem are wrong


by Paolo Di Falco and Andrea Leone

These days there is a lot of talk about freedom, but what does this seven-syllable word mean? Thousands of people sacrificed themselves for it, but still today most of the people who live on our planet are not free. If we think about it, today it is estimated that 40.3 million people are in a state of slavery and it is believed that the number of slaves in the world is even higher, given the gap in the data. Who knows what freedom is for them, who knows if any of them dream of obtaining it, who knows if someone has ever explained to them what was freedom.

That same freedom yearned for African Americans since their arrival on the Continent. For centuries they have been treated like animals, forced to work on large plantations in the South. In 1865 slavery was abolished in the United States of America, but for them almost nothing changed. After immense figures like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King their emancipation began and gradually all rights were recognized, but not true freedom. As demonstrated by the killing of George Floyd, an episode that represents the sum of the discriminatory episodes that African Americans still suffer today.

Children of our same age still dream of the freedom to walk freely on the street without being fixed as potential criminals, the freedom to live without fear of being killed from those who should protect them. Guys who took to the streets to reiterate that freedom is so precious that we cannot allow anyone to take it away. Freedom that even in our Italy is dreamed of by all those migrants who work from morning to night in the fields behind a paltry compensation, exploited by organized crime. In your opinion, can this freedom be considered?

Despite this, if by chance someone tries to talk about it exploitation that takes place on our territory begin to label you. Too many believe that their own country is not part of the problem. We take Italy: 3,230 women have been killed in our country since 2000. Think that in 2020 there have been 29 femicides in just 5 months. According to you Larissa, Barbara, Bruna, Rossella, Lorena, Gina, Viviana, Maria Angela, Alessandra, Marisa and Susy, killed during the quarantine, did they ever think of the meaning of the word freedom? A word that they had seen too many times trampled by their husbands, companions every time a slap hit their blow, every time they looked at their bruises and hid them under their makeup for fear … But how strong can a cry of suffering be, of an oppressed freedom?

Maybe everything is in the will of others to collect that screamed pain, that plea for help, which reaches us far because we are immersed in a world and a society where you cannot distract youotherwise you will pay for it. But if you are interested in a man’s life you have nothing to lose, you can only learn to listen to the cry of those who suffer and to scream with him!

You can do it in different ways, even with music. One example is the concert by Bruce Springsteen to Atlanta June 4, 2000. That evening the American singer-songwriter surprised everyone with a song, American Skin (41 shots): 41 shots, like the ones that the New York police exploded against Amadou Diallo on a night in 1999. Amadou stopped by the agents on the trail of a wanted man, put his hands in his pockets to take the documents but the fire of the policemen. Amadou fell to the ground, the documents still clenched in his hand. A young man, a student, a 23 year old fell to the ground. A city, a people, a nation fell to the ground. The man fell to the ground.

History has shown us, starting from the colonization periods, how rights have always been trampled on. Behind every people who imposed themselves there was submission of the previous one, behind every restriction of the freedom of the neighbor there was the defeat of the human being. Freedom is a fundamental right of man and it must be one of the pillars of our society, of what will come and which will see us young people increasingly protagonists.

In the face of all that this reality hits us, we must stop then, get out of this model of society and change it. Such as? Shouting all together!

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