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Icardi al Psg, first real transfer of the new market or last of the old one? The controversy over the words of Gasperini on his infection with Coronavirus, the new football that awaits us and the shield pole. We discussed this and more with Mario Sconcerti.
Sconcerti, Icardi al Psg. Inter get 50 million plus 8 bonuses: who made the deal?
“Undoubtedly Icardi. He managed to take on the last hiring of the old football. A four-year contract for more than 10 million a year is a great blow. And congratulations to Wanda Nara.”In fact, she too does not miss a beat.
“It must be said that in the negotiation she was really very good. In the last 15 months Icardi has played 20 games, if you look at the last season, in fact the PSG has made a deal in the dark. I honestly don’t understand the happiness on the part of the Inter, Icardi is a great player. ”

There was a lot of resentment in the Nerazzurri home.
“Yes, I understand that, but Inter still lost a huge center forward, one of the strongest out there. We are talking about a 26-year-old man who started scoring since he was a boy and has never stopped. Nobody can discuss the technical value of Icardi. He won the top scorer twice in Serie A. Of course an uncomfortable situation had arisen, but mostly because of Wanda Nara’s statements on the Nerazzurri dressing room. Because Icardi’s conduct has always been irreproachable. And I consider him a respectable person. He was pissed at the band, which by the way he had and not surprisingly at 23 years old: well, there it is “.

Gasperini’s words – about Covid 19 and the match against Valencia – sparked much controversy.
“We have created an extremely delicate situation, difficult to judge, we enter the human aspect. But at the time there was Covid 19 and it was known that it was not to be underestimated, this is a fact. the same Atalanta players eventually dedicated the victory to Bergamo. Let’s say it makes you think a little … “.

The Serie A fixtures are now defined. There was a lot of talk about the schedules with the players who opposed the afternoon games.
“We don’t fall into the trap of schedules. If they solve it. It’s not that you go to the cinema and discuss the time of the movies. You sit and watch it.”What football is waiting for us in twenty days for the resumption of the championship?
“A new football. Two World Cups are played in the period in which one is usually played. I honestly believe that nobody has any idea of ​​what will happen. I expect big suspensions, both positive and negative, with great collapses: it can happen really anything. ”

What pole do you see for the Scudetto?
“I think Lazio is ahead, indeed for what they have done so far the championship would certainly deserve. They have beaten Juventus twice, among other things in a very clear way. It seems that Sarri is redesigning Juventus, but in reality we know little, we have to see if it is true. Inzaghi’s team, however, has everything it takes to aim for the Scudetto. “

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