discharged after being cured by Covid, he married 3 days ago


He died a Milan the philosopher Giulio Giorello: he was born in the Lombard capital on May 14, 1945. He was a pupil of Ludovico Geymonat and was his successor in the chair of Philosophy of Science at the Milan State University.

Giulio Giorello: “In the shoes of the imagination”

With the disappearance of the philosopher of science Giulio Giorello, the Italy of culture loses a multifaceted intellectual, amused and amusing even in the rigor of his studies, never arrogant but rather with the cue of verification and doubt, free and with a thousand activities and passions. A pupil and heir of Ludovico Geymonat – a milestone – in the chair of Philosophy of Science at the State University of Milan he was named emeritus professor as reserved for those who are out of position with great prestige. Giorello died, at 75 years of age, in the afternoon of today in the Lombard capital where he was born on May 14, 1945. As he himself had explained in an article where he maintained the usual irony on Corriere della Sera, of which he was a regular collaborator, he had been hospitalized for a couple of months with the coronavirus at the Polyclinic. Finally discharged about ten days ago he returned home with great satisfaction among his beloved books.

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Unfortunately, after the first few days passed serenely, health problems returned. It quickly worsened – everything suggests that the doctors were complications of the virus even if the analyzes will determine it – until it was understood that there was nothing more to do: three days ago he married his partner Roberta Pelachin. He had no children. Of his inexhaustible energy the work he still carried out, even at an important age, as editorial director of the series of Philosophy of Science for Raffaello Cortina Editore testify. He wrote, as mentioned, for Corriere della Sera and had been president of the Italian Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science and passionate about comics.

By maintaining an international and popularizing system – therefore understandable even to non-experts – the philosopher, who also graduated in mathematics, was also involved in neuroscience, paleontology, evolutionary psychology, particle physics, mythology, philosophical research and bioethics. The book deemed most successful written by Giorello, was of no church, a manifesto for freedom of thought and research. In a tweet the premier Giuseppe Conte wrote «Giulio Giorello is deceased. Refined philosopher, epistemologist, great lover of questions concerning the “method” of science. He also reflected intensely on ethics, politics, religion. Italy loses a great thinker, never banal. We still have its dense pages. ”

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