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The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is the headquarters of NASA’s mission control of all manned space flights, as well as a research and preparation center for human space flight. It is located in Galveston Bay, 40 kilometers from Houston. And it is for this “closeness” that the famous phrase «Houston, we have a problem» was pronounced during the Apollo 13 mission.

And it is exactly here that the American space program wants to take you “on vacation”. NASA is looking for volunteers for an isolation study in space.

While millions of people around the world are looking forward to permanently filing the quarantine and returning to socializing, we are sure that there are also people who liked social isolation, so much that they sadly greet the blockade. Here, this is the first characteristic that you need to be able to “resist” eight months locked in a spaceship-laboratory, which will never get up from Earth but promises to make real astronaut experiences live.

© Woodallen Houston 2015

© Woodallen Houston 2015

The aim of the test is to study the effects of long-term isolation and confinement on human psychology, physiology and group dynamics. This “analog mission” aims to collect data that will help NASA prepare future astronauts who will have to try their hand at long explorations on the Moon and Mars.
“Social isolation is a very important area for our research. It is associated with higher levels of stress and affects physiological and psychological well-being>, explains scientist Thomas Williams at the head of the

Did you like quarantine? NASA is looking for volunteers for a very special

“The Sirius-19 crew participated in numerous simulated tasks and mission operations, from docking at a space station in orbit around the Moon to selecting landing sites to virtual walks on the lunar surface.” All without any danger for the “human guinea pigs”, which are constantly monitored also from a medical point of view. And if you are not among the who will be able to participate in the mission for 8 months, can always try again with the next simulation scheduled for 2022, with a record duration of 12 months.

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