Did you know that it is impossible to deactivate Kena Mobile offers independently?


Vincenzo Ronca

Kena Mobile is one of several virtual operators active in the Italian market and offers its customers different types of offer. In the last hours, singular details have emerged on the appearance of the disabling of the offers themselves.

There disabling of the offers Kena Mobile is in fact impossible in total autonomy by customers: in fact, deactivation can take place automatically by the operator after 90 days from the non-renewal of the offer itself due to insufficient credit. Kena Mobile customers can request independently only the change of the offer associated with your SIM.

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The contractual documents made available by Kena Mobile refer to this aspect only in paragraph 6.1, where it is clarified that “it is forbidden for the customer to deactivate and reactivate the same or different offer or option in the same time frame “.

Via: Mondomobileweb

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