Did the Autopilot fail in this incident?


EXCELLENT, NOT PERFECT – L’Autopilot of the Tesla is an advanced system for the assisted driving, whose latest version is composed of a front radar, eight 360 ° cameras and twelve ultrasound sensors, with the task of monitoring the space around the car. This information is processed by a powerful on-board computer and the car follows the road by itself, maintaining the lanes, adapting to the flow of traffic and also detecting pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles. The driver cannot be distracted, but must remain alert, with his hands on the steering wheel and ready to intervene in the event of a malfunction. The Autopilot, although very effective, is not foolproof, as discovered by the driver of a Tesla Model 3 in transit along the National Freeway 1 in Taiwan (see video below).

NEVER get distracted – According to the reconstruction of the Taiwanese website Cna, the driver had set theAutopilot to keep the car at a speed of 110 km / h. However, the system would not have detected a nice big obstacle present in the lane, where previously a food delivery van had overturned, and did not reduce speed to avoid the impact. Apparently, the driver, aware of the malfunction, performed an emergency braking a few seconds before the impact, but this did not help to avoid it. The Tesla driver suffered minor injuries, while that of the van had already been saved before the collision. Further investigations by the authorities will make it clearer if it really was a malfunction.

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