Diaconal, attack on Juve: “Lazio favored? The overwhelming power has others “


ROME – He still discusses the penalty awarded to Lazio in the match against Fiorentina. And on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, the head of the biancoceleste communication, Arturo Diaconale, commented on the issue of the many penalties awarded to the boys of Inzaghi: “The gossip about the penalties granted? It is a matter of artfully triggered environmental pressures, they want to put us in difficulty in this run-up to Juventus. Everything is based on a bale, as if we had become a superpower capable of maneuvering the referees. A strange mythization , obviously not responding to reality. From many quarters I listen to this legend of an alleged overpowering of President Lotito, when historically the overpowering in football are quite different and belong to other clubs. In fact, it does not seem to me that Lazio won the last badges of our championship “. Even the designator of the referees, Nicola Rizzoli, on the same day, said the Caicedo-Dragowski contact: “All the referees would have given it.”

Inzaghi: “It wasn’t easy to overturn Fiorentina”

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