Di Maio: ‘Reopen Germany’s loyalty choice borders’ – World


“The Foreign Minister has informed me of his intention to reopen the flows towards June 15, a choice of loyalty and transparency towards Italy which we appreciate and which is in accordance with the country’s current state of health”. The owner of the foreign ministry said so Luigi Di Maio at a press conference in Berlin with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. “We really liked Germany’s position” on the recovery plan in Europe. “We need a stronger competitive Europe that puts at the corner individualisms and personalisms of a few – said the owner of the Farnesina Luigi Di Maio -, there is a substantial and clear difference between the concept of sovereignty and sovereignty, which is also harmful to the national interests of the individual states in the face of this crossroads Italy has already chosen and I hope that other countries will too “.

“The images coming from Lombardy have moved and warned us about the cruelty that the pandemic can assume – said the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, in a press conference in Berlin with the owner of the Farnesina -, respect and admiration for discipline with which the Italian people have faced the pandemic, extraordinary work has been done in difficult conditions “. “We have to get out of this crisis jointly, trying to support each other and also be in solidarity as regards the economic recovery, we are firmly determined not to abandon any of the European countries. We cannot get out of this crisis through savings,” said Heiko Maas.


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