Di Battista ad Accordi & Disaccordi: “A reflection can be opened on the two mandates to the mayors”


of Luca De Carolis | June 19, 2020

He keeps his line: “First the political agenda must come, then the names.” And it is also a way not to give in on his idea, a true congress for the M5S, in which perhaps a political leader can also be elected, despite the no via tweet from last Sunday’s Beppe Grillo. But ad Agreements and Disagreements, the program of Loft aired tonight on Nine, Alessandro Di Battista he also and above all focuses on the bond of the two mandates, another totem of the 5Stelle that wobbles. And the former deputy, who has one behind his mandate, says words that will weigh: “The bond was born to counter professional policy, and I have never heard a minister of the Movement talk to me about this problem.”

But “a reflection can be opened on the administrators”. In fact, Di Battista echoes what the chief political regent of the Movement Vito Crimi said on 16 May: “I think we should discuss the permanence of the bond for those who administer”. That is also for the top mayors of the M5S, Virginia Raggi and Chiara Appendino. And it is no coincidence that Di Battista praises the mayor of Rome for a long time: “I am proud to have contributed to elect Raggi, she is a fantastic mayor who said no to the cement Olympics and fights the mafia”. But to count is the problematic Di Battista on the cancellation of the bond of the two mandates. “Although the Movement will discuss this,” he recalls. Another knot to untie in the general states of this autumn.

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