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Tonight Bungie announced new details to the world about the future of Destiny 2, the beloved sci-fi shooter. The development team presented the new expansion “Destiny 2 Beyond the Light“, Also revealing the release date and all the news. There was also no shortage for the next one season, or “The Season of Arrivals“, Available already today.

The Season of Arrivals and the Beyond the Light expansion have been designed to continue to evolve the game world and continue the exciting story of Destiny 2. There will be a way to reveal some mysteries, discover new powers and face the real threat of the pyramidal ships.

During the Arrivals Season, Io’s satellite will be invaded by the first pyramidal ship: however, it will only be a starting point and there will be a whole series of events awaiting us that will lead us to the Destiny 2 Beyond the Light expansion (but not only). Let’s see more precisely all the details on the release date and included contents.

Destiny 2 Beyond the Light

A new power has sprung from the ancient pyramidal ship over Europe. A dark empire has risen beneath its surface.

Inside Destiny 2 Beyond the Light, the guardians will explore a different universe: there will be a new destination, new adventures and new powers to await us.

Here are the main details:

  • Explore Europe: in the Destiny 2 Beyond the Light expansion we can explore the frozen satellite of Jupiter, Europe. We will be able to enter the Bray Futuristic Center of the Golden Age.
  • Brandish the Dark: a new power arrives, the Stasi. Originated from the Dark, it allows you to use super to dominate the battlefield and each subclass will use the Stasi in a unique way.
  • New raid: we will be tested in the Crypt of Pietrafonda, which has remained dormant for decades. We can get glorious rewards.
  • The rise of Eramis: Eramis, Kell of the Fallen, created a new empire over Europe. Abandoned by the Light and the Traveler, Eramis enters the Darkness.

The expansion of Destiny 2 Beyond the Light will be released on September 22, 2020 on PC, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a price of 39.99 euros. It is possible to book it now, in various editions.

Destiny 2 Beyond the Light

Destiny 2 Beyond the Light | Special editions

The expansion will be bookable in two different versions. The Digital Deluxe Edition will be available on all platforms, while the Collector’s Edition will be available only on the Bungie Store. Here are all the details.

Digital Deluxe Edition

This version is available upon booking on all platforms. Here are the contents:

  • Destiny 2 Beyond the Light expansion
  • 1 year of seasonal content (4 Seasons)
  • Exotic Frosted Ghost wrapper and legendary emblem (for reservation)
  • Exotic Emote I’ll set you free
  • Timeless exotic pulse rifle to Explain with exotic catalyst and decoration
  • Exotic Goshawk Other Skies
Destiny 2 Beyond the Light

Collector’s Edition

This version is available upon booking only in the Bungie Store. Here are the contents:

  • Destiny 2 Beyond the Light expansion (digital code only)
  • Die-cast reproduction of the Dark with lights – Europe
  • Water bottle explorer of Europe
  • Europe explorer bag
  • Mysterious diary
  • And other discoveries of Europe
Destiny 2 The Stranger Special edition Beyond the light

Lo Straniero edition

This version is only available from select retailers. Here are the contents:

  • All the contents of the Deluxe Digital Edition (digital code)
  • An action figure about 25 cm high depicting the Stranger

Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals

A dark omen is seen in the solar system. A groan in the void of space. It is up to the guardians to look for answers in the shadow of the mysterious pyramidal ship.

The expansion, as already mentioned, was not the only novelty of this evening. Bungie also unveiled various news on the new one season, the Arrivals season. Starting today, players can have fun with various new features.

Here are the main details:

  • New secret: the secret “Prophecy” is available to all Destiny 2 players; we will have to face the mystery and unlock the new armor of the DAITO foundry and the revised armor set of the Trials of the Nine.
  • Decipher the darkness: the messages of Darkness will be discovered on Io, we will have to venture into the Cradle of Io and retrieve communications.
  • Public event Contract: public events will focus on the pyramidal ship that arrived on Io: the enemies are attracted to a certain power.
  • New rewards: By concentrating new engrams in the Arrivals Season, players can choose their rewards. The new concentration system of engrams introduces the possibility (once unlocked) for players to hone their rewards.
  • New equipment: Season Pass holders will automatically unlock a new exotic grenade launcher, Gruzzolo Arido, and the seasonal armor set.
Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals

Destiny 2 | Season Pass

We remind you that Destiny 2 is free and includes multiple content from the Arrivals Season; Season Pass holders, however, have access to all the news, here are the details:

  • New weekly mission
  • New exotic weapon enterprise
  • Instant unlocking of exotic grenade launcher
  • Immediate unlock of season armor set for all classes
  • Bonus XP and more

Destiny 2 Season Pass can be purchased within the game for a total of 1,000 silver coins, available on Amazon.

Destiny 2 arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Bungie also confirmed that the shooter will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X. By purchasing Destiny 2 Beyond the Light on Xbox One, it will also be possible to transfer it for free to Xbox Series X via Smart Delivery. Purchases made on PS4 will be updated on PS5 for free. For now we have no further details on the next-gen version.

Destiny 2 | Future expansions

Beyond the Light awaits us next September, but Bungie has already planned the future of the game in the long term. Here are the two expansions already announced:

  • The Witch Queen – 2021
  • Lightfall (not definitive title) – 2022

Unfortunately for now we know practically nothing about it, except the aspect of the dedicated key art, which you can see below.

Destiny 2

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