destinies that cross (always)


(by Arturo Minervini) – Lives connected, mixed within a time that does not go only in one direction. Intrigues, entanglements and obstacles of destinies that somehow find themselves reckoning, to remember a past that has created stainless bonds. Today is not a day like any other for Carlo Ancelotti and Rino Gattuso. The first from London celebrates an abnormal birthday, after the blockade for Covid-19 and a Premier who is preparing to restart after many controversies.

At the same time, at 1,616 kilometers (as the crow flies), Gattuso lives the expectation of the restart, still devastated by the recent mourning that has affected his family, ready to dive into work to try to put in a corner a pain that will accompany him forever. The Italian coach is close to confirmation, only the last details are missing, but Aurelio De Laurentiis has convinced himself that the right man to start a new cycle is precisely the ex-Milan player, squire without fear of Ancelotti in a thousand battle (often won) on the pitch.

“I am one who understands the needs of the players, in fact excellent relationships have been born with many of them. In the first place I put the one with Rino Gattuso: for me he was like a brother, I could confide in him. The relationship between me and Rino is special, even if it is bad to say towards the other players. There are incredible character affinities, in the quarter-final 2003 against Ajax I was smoking and he with his exultation almost lets me swallow the cigarette. “

This is just one of Ancelotti’s thousand anecdotes about the special relationship with his Ringhio. That Rino who later became his heir on the Napoli bench, a thread of continuity between two people so distant but at the same time united by a harmony that goes beyond accents, football beliefs, character attitudes. Ancelotti and Gattuso were born connected, they found themselves by chance and not by chance they chose to remain united anyway. Even on important days, even from a distance: the first to grapple with a birthday to celebrate, the second to study the best training for Inter and contain the satisfaction for a renewal with Napoli that he earned by working like crazy.



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