Dennis Rodman writes to Petagna: “Hi Bullodzer, my daughter also plays football”


“Hi Andrea! Isn’t it crazy? Dennis Rodman is calling you! Andrea ‘the Bulldozer’, but what does that mean? What are the many goals? I have one thing to tell you. I have a little daughter, Trinity, she is the number one in the world. and you should see her! Maybe one day you will meet her and send me a message to say ‘Dennis you were right’. Trinity is also a real Bulldozer, a real Rodman. Great respect for you. Keep it up! “. These are the words on the social networks of Dennis Rodman, ex star of gods Chicago Bulls who sent a video message to Andrea Petagna, center forward currently at Spal and who will move on to Naples next season. The attacker then replied, always on social media: “Thanks Dennis, you know how much I am your fan. I hope to meet you soon. Trinity, keep it up.” 18-year-old Trinity Rodman, daughter of the former basketball player, is a sure-fire footballer, already called up by the United States Under-20 national team.

Andrea Petagna transforms and becomes …. Donald Trump!

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