demonstration in the square for George Floyd


Protests do not subside on the streets of the United States and protests continue in favor of George Floyd, the 46-year-old African American who died suffocated during a police arrest in Minneapolis. And from the American cities the echo of the mobilizations reaches as far as Perugia, where an autonomous group of children mobilizes in the sign of #BlackLivesMatter.

Sunday 7 June, starting at 4 pm in Piazza IV Novembre, a demonstration is in fact planned in support of US citizens who are protesting and fighting to claim their rights. As explained in a note, the activists from Perugia have “united in the belief that, starting from the bottom and from the younger generations, it is possible to sensitize citizenship and change society. Participation in the event is free and involves the most diverse subjects, from private citizens to associations “.

Resumed in September, but the Umbrian school takes to the streets

Perugia therefore aligns with the numerous demonstration actions that are taking place on a global scale, to reiterate the refusal towards any form of violence, ‘police brutality’, racism and discrimination. “A peaceful aggregation – the organizers add -, aimed at promoting solidarity awareness and giving space and word to minorities and social groups that are subject to discrimination in the United States, Italy, Perugia and in the world. No episode is allowed of violence or public disturbance: the demonstration is aimed at individuals united for a specific cause and excludes any type of party propaganda. All are also required to respect the obligation of masks and safety distances “.

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There will be an introductory speech followed by 9 minutes of silence, where the participants will kneel with their fists raised, as a symbol of protest for the murder of George Floyd. An ‘open mic session’ is also foreseen “open – conclude the activists from Perugia – to all those who want to share their stories about any type of discrimination or facts and topics that may favor general awareness”.

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