Demon’s Souls: PS5 vs PS3, the incredible graphics in comparison


Last night Sony Interactive Entertainment finally showed the PS5 games (here are all the trailers), as well as the console itself. The names fielded by the company are many, but the exclusive titles above all stand out. Among the many there was room for the much talked about Demon’s Souls Remake which, as we discovered and how it was thought, has been edited by the expert hands of Bluepoint Games (already authors of various remasters and remakes of Sony, among the many Shadow of the Colossus). The game originally came out on PS3 and now some users have made a quick one comparison by images between the original version and the PS5 remake.

Below you can see multiple examples of the progress made by the game. First of all, we can see a comparison between the Tower Knight PS3 and that of Demon’s Souls Remake on PS5. The polygonal model is more detailed and defined: the shield design stands out much more, for example, as well as the various parts of the warrior’s armor.

We then move on to an environment, which truly showcases what a double-jump generation can guarantee for a video game: larger rooms, more screen elements and a clearly superior quality lighting management. We already know that Demon’s Souls Remake will support ray tracing, in addition to two graphics modes: performance (higher frame rate) and visual quality (higher resolution).

The increase in the polygonal mass also allows for greater characterization of the enemies, not just the environments. For example we can see more details on the first boss of the game. Bluepoint Games has clearly worked with the desire to enhance (at least visually / stylistically) what was the original idea of ​​Miyazaki and From Software, unfortunately limited by PS3. Once again, moreover, the lighting allows to make the clash more evocative (we can’t wait to see a complete clash and not just a few clips).

In the second group of images just below we can also see common enemies, warrior skeletons. As noted by the Twitter user, the new version of the skeletons is no longer composed only of bones and armor, but there are parts of dried meat: probably the choice is not only stylistic, but also technical, to be able to animate in detail the enemy is credible. The technical passage and the search for a clearly greater detail compared to the PS3 version could therefore force the game to “undergo” changes, to adapt to the new console.

This comparison between the PS5 remake and the PS3 version of Demon’s Souls does nothing but highlight how the game has made significant progress. As “obvious” as it is, it’s nice to see how much the video game has improved. We hope that also in terms of gameplay and the contents are of quality.

If you want a souls-like, Dark Souls 3 is always a great choice.

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