Demon’s Souls for PS5, the first images are exceptional –


The first images of Demon’s Souls for SS5 they are truly exceptional. Probably right in this phase who says that to really evaluate the graphic progress of the next-gen it is better to look at static images than videos, where compression can make you lose some detail.

The shots best show the excellent work done by Bluepoint and Japan Studios in completely reviewing the graphics of the original Demon’s Souls. It is difficult to say whether the gameplay has also been modified in the same way and how much it has been modified, but we will certainly be able to laugh at this.

Demon’s Souls is the remake of a From Software classic for PS3, developed by Bluepoint Games and Japan Studio. It is basically the progenitor of the soulslike, in which they play the role of a warrior who must face the dangers of a magical place, populated by terrible monsters capable of changing shape. The setting is medieval fantasy, while the plot re-proposes the classic clash between good and evil. As genre wants, it is a very difficult title, which will make you sweat the proverbial seven shirts to be finished (at least the original was like that).

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