Del Piero: “Naples, what a mentality! Deserved victory, great merit goes to Gattuso”


Guest of Sky, the former Juventus captain Alessandro Del Piero, commented Napoli’s triumph in the Italian Cup: “It is important to underline what Napoli did today. In a short time Gattuso and the team managed to put together two games of the highest level. Napoli was able to do everything at its best in the moment. The Azzurri defended themselves well and created the greatest scoring chances. This mentality, after a long stop, is a very positive sign: great merit goes to Gattuso. Napoli has been able to do everything well at the right time, for then implement all the other situations. Napoli shot more on goal, took two posts and Buffon was extraordinary ”

“Rino is a special person in many ways and has shown it both as a player and as a coach. Every year that passes, he gains experience. He has great humility and can only grow. From a personal point of view I am very happy for him”.

Can this defeat be a heavy blow for Juventus also for the Scudetto?
“After a defeat there can also be positive stimuli, although obviously we are experiencing a particular historical moment. The players are used to resting for a month, three months have passed here. And three months are really many, so I want to underline the skill of Napoli. Juventus, on the other hand, is struggling to find certain automatisms “.

Are Juventus players too free during the lockdown?
“We can’t know, it’s difficult to make decisions because it was a totally new situation.”


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