Del Genio: “I had a discussion with a former coach, do you know what he said about Maksimovic?”


Paolo Del Genio, journalist and tactician, spoke about the Serbian defender of Napoli on the microphones of the Neapolitan portal.

Paolo Del Genio, journalist and tactician, in the interview with, he spoke of the triumphant blue players in the Italian Cup final: “In the match against Juventus, Fabian deserves an emphasis, who did well thanks to Demme. Those who entered, like Politano who did a lot, also do well. Then I would say Maksimovic. on the field has been Maksimovic, which would deserve the MVP palm of the competition. It was amazing with Inter, with Juventus he was scoring on action and then he scored the penalty “.

It also adds: “In both games it was perfect defensively. I had a discussion with a former coach, who told me he was a footballer who he could not play in Serie A. I would never spit out definitive sentences on football because the bad figure is around the corner. Let’s see what happens also with Koulibaly in a market key, but these answers given by Maksimovic in the last games and also in those before the stop are encouraging also for next year “.

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