Deaths in nursing homes Suspect Covid in 16.5% of cases –


They are numbers that must be multiplied, multiplying the drama. But the data, even if partial, is still important:

in 24 Bergamo RSAs surveyed by the Higher Institute of Health (there are 65 in the whole province, therefore the sample is representative of just over a third of the total), 534 guests died between the beginning of February and the end of April; of these, “only” 20 were positive for Covid swab, while 334 others had flu-like symptoms.

Translated: 16.5% of the guests of those facilities died with flu-like symptoms, while the share of official deaths for Covid is 1% of the total residents. A first consideration, looking at the rumor of mourning certified for coronavirus, is that it appears to be a significantly low number: and it is low because the swabs performed in the orobic RSs up to that time (late April) would have been few.

The ISS investigation, in collaboration with the National Guarantor of persons deprived of liberty, covers the whole of Italy; among the sample provinces, only Brescia (418) and Milan (375) had more deaths than guests with flu-like symptoms, but compared to a far greater number of structures surveyed (58 in Brescia, 63 in Milan). So much so that the 16.5% mortality with flu-like symptoms recorded in Orobic land is the highest recorded by the ISS: and in the 15 provinces with the highest mortality rate, seven are Lombard (in addition to Bergamo, Brescia and Milan, there are also Cremona, Lodi, Lecco and Sondrio).

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