Deaths from work for the Bergamo coronavirus, negative record: 25 dead –


The new professional coronavirus infections reported to the Inail on May 31st are 47,022, 3,623 more than the previous monitoring of May 15th.

There are 208 fatalities (+37), equal to about 40% of the total deaths at work reported to Inail in the period under consideration and concentrated in the months of March (40%) and April (56%). This was highlighted by the fourth national report prepared by the Institute’s actuarial statistical consultancy, which compared to the previous ones is enhanced by an in-depth analysis at a local level, with the preparation of 21 fact sheets relating to the cases recorded in the 19 Italian regions and in the two autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, which will be updated monthly.

More than half of the complaints (55.8%) and almost six out of 10 fatal cases (58.7%) fall in the Northwest. Lombardy, in particular, remains the most affected region, with 35.5% of complaints of contagion at work and 45.2% of deaths. 30.4% of the 16,700 infections reported in Lombardy concern the province of Milan, but the negative record of fatal cases, with 25 deaths, is from the province of Bergamo.

The health and social care sector – which includes hospitals, nursing and rest homes, institutes, clinics, university polyclinics, residences for the elderly and disabled – together with the public health bodies, it records 81.6% of the complaints (and 39.3% of the fatal cases). This is followed by surveillance, cleaning, call centers, the manufacturing sector (food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries), accommodation and catering activities and commerce.

The analysis by profession highlights the category of health technicians as the one most affected by infections, with about 84% relating to nurses (66% for deaths). Social health workers, doctors, social care workers and unqualified staff in health services, such as auxiliaries, porters and stretchers.

71.7% of the infected are women and 28.3% men, but the gender ratio reverses in fatal cases. The deaths of men, in fact, are equal to 82.7% of the total. The average age of workers who contracted the virus is 47 for both genders, but rises to 59 years (57 for women and 59 for men) for fatal cases. 71.2% of deaths are concentrated in the 50-64 age group, followed by that over 64 years (18.3%).

The share of foreign workers is equal to 15.6% of the total of complaints and 10.1% of the deaths.


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