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Florence, 30 June 2020 – Five sentences and two acquittals. With a maximum sentence of 25 years and two months in prison. This establishes the first instance trial for the death of Duccio Dini, the boy hit and killed during an account settlement among Roma men. “We are satisfied, as much as we can be in this situation, it is a good sign”: so the boy’s father after the sentence. READ ALL REACTIONS.

There Florence Assize Court, after about five hours in the council chamber, he therefore issued his verdict on the 29-year-old’s death.


Five people were therefore sentenced and two acquitted while the pm he asked the sentence for all seven with penalties from 9 to 22 years of imprisonment. Many friends of Duccio Dini followed the outcome of the coronavirus outside the bunker room, closed due to limitations due to the coronavirus. process.


For all the accusations were of voluntary murder with possible fraud for the death of Dini and attempted murder of another Roma citizen, the target of the pursuit linked to a settlement of accounts. The heaviest sentence for Kjamuran Amet, who also had to answer for attempted private violence.

A 25-year sentence was then imposed on the other four convicted: Remzi Amet, Remzi Mustafa, who was driving the Volvo that overwhelmed Dini, Dehran Mustafa is Antonio Mustafa. acquitted Kole Amet and Emin Gani: they were in a van that had only participated in an initial phase of the chase because a wheel had then been punctured.

Duccio Dini’s death occurred on June 10, 2018 in via Canova. There was a gang chase in the car. The boy was stopped at a traffic light and was overwhelmed by one of the cars. Overwhelmed, he had no escape. Any rescue attempt was futile.

In the classroom, in addition to the family of Duccio Dini, the vice mayor of Florence was also present Cristina Giachi, with the tricolor strip, to testify to the closeness of Palazzo Vecchio who is also a civil party in the trial.

“A exemplary sentence, which was an important signal for the family. There is no exultation, but on behalf of the mayor, who spoke with the father immediately after reading the sentence, and of the whole junta I expressed our closeness to the family, and the awareness that today the institutions have fully exercised their function. “Thus the deputy mayor Giachi commented on the sentence.” Thanks to the judiciary and the lawyer of the Municipality – added Giachi – for a trial that was conducted in an exemplary way. Justice will not return Duccio to his family, and the evil done cannot be canceled, but that evil will not be left with the last word ”. ” This sentence – continued the deputy mayor – recognizes that the very serious criminal facts examined in this hearing have caused not only death and serious injuries against innocent citizens but also caused direct and indirect damage to the Municipality ”.

Nardella: “Justice has been done”

«The penalties for the perpetrators of the murder of Duccio Dini have arrived. I am not in the habit of commenting on sentences, but this is a result that reinforces our trust in justice. Today, just like in the past months, we have been close to Duccio’s family and friends. I thank the police, the magistrates, the lawyers of the Municipality and the other civil parties for their great commitment. Even if it doesn’t help to ease the pain, justice has been done ». So on Face, the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella after the sentence of five of the defendants for the death of Duccio Dini, 29 years old, who while he was on the motorbike at a red light was overwhelmed and killed by a car engaged in a chase between nomads on June 10, 2018.

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