Death Floyd, Trump-Biden clash in the US


A nation divided, perhaps never as now, in the grip of a second civil war. It is the situation in which the United States tragically plunged after the death of George Floyd, the African American killed by a Minneapolis policeman. If the protests soon degenerated into vandalism of all kinds, looting and violence in many cities in the United States, the political debate is also getting hot. As the agency reports Adnkronosafter the vitriolic words of the Democratic candidate to the White House, who from Philadelphia accused Trump of considering protests for the death of Floyd “an opportunity to sow chaos“the US president dismissed the dem via Twitter, nicknamed it ‘Sleepy Joè.”He has been in politics for 40 years – noted Trump –and did nothing. Now he pretends to have the answers. But he doesn’t even know the questions. Weakness will never beat anarchists, looters or criminals, and Joe has been politically weak all his life. LAW & ORDER! ” accused Trump on Twitter.

The Donald then claimed the results obtained by his administration in favor of the African American community. “My administration– explained on Twitter – he did more for the black community than any other president after Abraham Lincoln” he wrote. “The opportunity zones approved with Senator Tim Scott, guaranteed funding for Hbcu (college and university), School Choice, criminal justice reform, the lowest unemployment rate among blacks, the lowest poverty and crime in history. And the best is yet to come“Meanwhile, according to Trump Flo’s adversary, George Floyd’s lawyer, Joe BidenDemocratic candidate in the White House will attend the funeral of the African American killed by police on Tuesday in Houston, Texas.

For now, the former US vice president has not confirmed the news and has preferred to attack the opponent. “His words ‘when the looting begins they disappeared’ (in reference to a tweet from Trump a few days ago, ed) are not from a president but from a racist police chief in Miami in the 1960s“he stated in an election speech in Philadelphia.”Donald Trump – he added –has turned this country into a battlefield devastated by old resentments and new fears. He thinks fragmentation helps him. His narcissism has become more important than the well-being of the nation he leads. I ask all Americans: look where we are and think again“.

The Trump administration’s priority now is to restore order. In order to quell the violence of demonstrators across the country, Donald Trump announced that it could resort toInsurrection Act, the law of 1807 which attributes to the President of the United States the power, in exceptional cases, to mobilize the federal army and the National Guard for police duties, which was last used in 1992.

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