Death Floyd, Obama supports the protest: “A crisis never seen, it must be used to awaken the whole nation”


NEW YORK – “I have never seen such a serious crisis in my life. We must use it to bring about an awakening of the whole nation. ” For the first time since the protests over George Floyd’s death, Barack Obama takes the floor. The intervention of the first African American president in history was awaited by many, to make sense of the tragedy that the country is experiencing. Obama does not inflame minds, he does not want to make an electoral rally, but his indication is clear: “All together we must fight to ensure that we will have a president, a Congress, a Department of Justice, a federal judiciary that recognize the destructive role of racism in our society, and want to act to change it. “Obama, speaking from his home in Washington while the capital is still the scene of demonstrations, makes a vibrant defense of freedom of expression and the right to take to the streets:” Let us remember that this nation was founded by protests, by what we called the American Revolution. Every progress in our history, every strengthening of freedoms, every expression of our deepest ideals have been conquered through efforts that have disturbed the status quo. We must be grateful to those who are out there in a peaceful and disciplined way, because they want to make a difference. “The ex-president mainly addresses the young people who have filled the squares for eight days: “We must make America really change this time. You young people, have the courage to be uncomfortable for all of us. Commit yourself, participate, go and vote to force the whole company to turn the page. ” Obama, who in the eight years of his two terms had to console many times his community affected by violence and abuse, makes his voice heard at the height of tension. Speak in a Town Hall format, answering citizens’ questions, connected live on all sites from CNN to YouTube to the New York Times. He says he is encouraged by the many young people he has seen taking to the streets, he sees in them “a new mentality”. To host Obama’s intervention is the initiative “My Brother’s Keeper” (“my brother’s keeper”), established by the former president in 2014 after the killing of the African American teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida.
Today Obama speaks “to the millions of Americans who took to the streets and made their voices heard, a wave of protests that arise from legitimate frustration”. And he wants to answer the question that many ask him: “How to give continuity, effectiveness to this movement, because it causes real change”. Much will depend on “a new generation of activists” who can overcome past failures. For too long America “has failed to reform police and criminal justice methods.” His words rang a few hours after the judicial turn in Minneapolis, where the prosecutor’s office aggravated the indictment of the policeman accused of the death of George Floyd. The indictment has become voluntary murder and can cost him up to 45 years in prison. For the first time, the other three members of the patrol were also charged, for competition in murder.To peaceful demonstrators, “the vast majority”, Obama offers his support, calls them “courageous, responsible, capable of inspiring us”. In a passage where the distance from Trump is clear, the democratic leader says that those who demonstrated in recent days “deserve our respect and support, not a condemnation”. The ex-president is very clear, however, in denouncing any form of violence. The reference is to extremists seeking confrontation, and to predators who ransacked shops from Los Angeles to New York: “Those minorities endanger human lives, aggravate the destruction of the poorest neighborhoods.” Obama talks about his meeting with an African American old woman “in tears because the only grocery store in her neighborhood had been destroyed, and who knows how many years it will take for her to be reborn.” Encourage “not to excuse the violent, not to find rational reasons”. If we want the whole of American society to land on a higher ethical level, we must build that moral code and respect it ourselves. “

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