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«A good giant with big hugs», «a president who every day had a line of people who wanted to talk to him, have fun with him»: George Floyd was remembered thus by the brothers who attended the funeral commemoration in the shrine of North Central University in Minneapolis. From their moving testimonies came the portrait of a man well-liked by all, generous, son of a large and poor family, where the brothers fought over small things, shared beds, washed the linen by hand and put it in the oven to dry it . A nephew recalled that Floyd – basketball and football star in high school – was a fan of Lebron James and that when his Cavaliers reassembled the Warriors it was like winning the championship for him.

Inside, only five hundred people were admitted, due to restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic. Musicians and singers perform spiritual songs, alternating with the memories of those who knew him. In the background a large portrait of the victim. Among the guests announced by the media the actors and comedians Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and Regina Hall; actor and producer Tyler Perry; activists Martin Luther King III. Present Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Senator Amy

Death of George Floyd, the arrival of the coffin in the sanctuary of North Central University in Minneapolis

Floyd’s lawyer: died of a pandemic racism
“It was not the coronavirus that killed George Floyd but the pandemic of racism and discrimination,” said Benjamin Crump, one of the lawyers from the family, recalling the figure of the victim in the commemoration underway in Minneapolis. An autopsy showed that Floyd was positive for covid-19. “What we saw in that video is inhuman, don’t cooperate with evil, don’t cooperate with injustice, protest against, we all deserve something better,” he added referring to the images of Floyd’s death. The lawyer denounced racism, called for a comprehensive justice reform and called for fighting for all the unknown George Floyds in the world, listing the names of other African Americans who were victims of police brutality.

George Floyd, his posthumous video appears in which he makes a heartbreaking appeal to the new generations on non-violence

The four policemen involved in Floyd’s death, a million dollar bail, were arrested
All four agents involved in the murder of George Floyd, the African American who died in Minneapolis after a policeman pressed his knee to his neck suffocating him, were arrested. The autopsy, among other things, revealed that George Floyd had coronavirus but was asymptomatic. Thomas Lane and Tou Thao were taken to Hennepin County Penitentiary around 5 PM local time. J. Alexander Kueng had already delivered himself in the afternoon. Dereck Chauvin, the agent who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck, has been in prison since last week on charges of murder. A million-dollar bail has been set for everyone. For Chauvin, the accusation is expected to be updated from manslaughter to voluntary homicide.

Over 10,000 people have been arrested in the US since protests began for the death of African American George Floyd, who was suffocated during an arrest in Minneapolis on May 25 by a white police officer and three of his colleagues. The US media report it.

The former Pentagon chief attacks Trump: he derides the Constitution

«When I joined the army, about 50 years ago, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. I never dreamed that soldiers taking the same oath would have been ordered under any circumstances to violate the constitutional rights of their citizens, even less for a bizarre photo op of the commander in chief with military leadership alongside, “says Mattis, also referring to his successor Mark Esper.

“Militarizing the response, as they saw in Washington, creates a conflict, a false conflict, between the army and civil society. It erodes the moral foundations that guarantee a fiduciary bond between men and women in uniform and the society they have sworn to protect and of which they themselves are part, “he continues. “Maintaining public order rests with state and local civilian leaders who best understand their communities,” he adds.

Trump’s response came on Twitter: “Probably the only thing Barack Obama and I have in common is that we both had the honor of firing Jim Mattis, the most overestimated general in the world. I asked for his resignation letter and felt great. His nickname was’ chaos’, which I didn’t like, and I changed it to a mad dog. ‘

Death George Floyd, the head of the Pentagon distances himself from Trump

General Allen against Trump: “A horrible day for America and its democracy”
Not only Jim Mattis, Donald Trump’s former defense secretary, but also John Allen, another retired Marine general who, like Mattis, was one of the protagonists of the war season in Afghanistan and Iraq, severely criticizes the president for threatening to use the military to quell the protests and for wanting to pose with the Bible on the churchyard after the violent clearing of peaceful protesters.

“Even for a distracted observer, Monday was a horrible day for the United States and their democracy,” the former commander of the American forces in Afghanistan and the former coalition special envoy wrote in a Foreign Policy comment against the Islamic State during the Obama administration. Allen points out that the actions of Trump, who claimed to be “your president for law and order” while demonstrators were being cleared of tear gas, smoke and rubber bullets outside the White House, “could indicate the start of the end of the American experiment “.

Enough of the neck, the US Senate wants to ban it
“I can’t breathe”, I don’t breathe, then death, as in the case of George Floyd. The cause? A squeeze on the neck. An unsustainable practice, too widespread among the police forces in America, so much so that a New York state senator, the Democratic Kirsten Gillibrand, in the coming days will present a measure to ban it.

The proposal is called the Garner Law, named after Eric Garner, the unarmed and defenseless African American killed in New York in 2014, suffocated by an agent who had stopped him. The text, which incorporates the one presented in the Chamber in 2015 by MP Hakeem Jeffries, would make the tightening of the neck a violation of civil rights. “The goal – said Gillibrand – is to completely prohibit the move that allows you to put pressure with one arm or knee against someone’s neck, against someone’s back to make him suffocate. Too many people told the cops `I can’t breathe ‘and died.’ The Garner case exploded thanks to a video that filmed the last moments of man. A script that was repeated with George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis on May 25th.

Meghan Markle’s hard speech about George Floyd’s death: “The only thing wrong is to say nothing” ”

Gillibrand’s bill follows a few days after that of New York governor Andrew Cuomo who also suggested a federal ban. If the law is approved it would fill a legislative gap, given that for now the use or not of the practice is at the discretion of the individual police departments. It has been banned in Los Angeles since 1980, while in New York since the 1990s. But despite the hype caused by the Garner and Floyd cases, the police continue to use it.

In Sarasota, Florida, a video recently appeared on social media in which an agent presses his knee against the neck of an African American during an arrest. The episode dates back to May 18. In California, Sacramento police are investigating a video last Monday showing an agent with his arm around the neck of an 18-year-old African American.

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