Death Floyd: curfew and clashes, an agent stabbed and hundreds of arrests, Trump wants to ban Antifa


Demonstrations and anger are crossing the United States after the killing in Minneapolis on Monday of George Floyd, African American father of the family, died suffocated by the knee of the police officer, Derek Chauvin, during an arrest. A curfew has been imposed in over 25 cities in 16 American states. In a dozen, including Washington, the National Guard intervened. About 1,400 people have been arrested in 17 U.S. cities since Tuesday, over a third in Los Angeles. Across the country, from New York to Los Angeles, from Ferguson to Tampa, police stations and police vehicles were set on fire, shops were looted and shop windows were destroyed. And while the family lawyer denounces a “premeditated murder”, the protest has arrived peacefully in Europe as well.Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets demanding more severe charges and other arrests for Floyd’s death. TO Los Angeles, the agents fired rubber bullets and loaded the rioters who set fire to a police car.

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Clashes also a Chicago is Philadelphia where law enforcement did not spare on pepper spray and stun grenades. TO Ferguson, Missouri, the police department building was damaged and evacuated during the protests.TO Jacksonville, in Florida, a police officer was “stabbed or injured in the neck and is currently in the hospital”. A

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Police officers in Minneapolis

TO Minneapolis, where at least 1,400 people were arrested, the police intervened, for the first time, with charges against the hundreds of people who had violated the curfew. The body of a person was found near a burnt-out car on the street and it is unclear whether the death was related to the protests. In Indianapolis, Indiana, three people were shot wounded and three died in several shootings, but no link to the protests was confirmed.

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Tim Walz, governor of Minnesota, denounced a cyber attack against all state computers and said he is mobilizing the entire National Guard of 13,000 members of the state to deal with the rioters who ransacked shops and set fire to some clubs in Minneapolis and St.
Paul. All the main highways to the city have been closed so as not to let those coming from outside expressly feed the revolt.

The besieged White House

Despite repeated threats and accusations from the president Donald Trump against “anarchists and looters”, it was a night of clashes and scuffles even in front of the White House in Washington, with destroyed showcases and burning bins. “The United States will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization,” he wrote on Twitter Trump, who had already spoken out against the far left movement for the violence in protests over the death of George Floyd.”I will not allow an angry crowd to dominate, I am determined to protect democracy and the rule of law,” he said from Cape Canaveral. Antifa in the United States is a militant, leftist, anti-fascist political activist movement. It includes groups of autonomous activists who aim to achieve their political goals through direct action rather than political reforms.

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His opponent in the White House is softer, the Democrat Joe Biden, which however condemned the violence. “Protesting against this brutality is right and necessary, it’s an absolutely American response, but burning communities and destroying unnecessarily isn’t,” he said.

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The SUV against the crowd in New York

TO New York demonstrators occupied streets, blocked traffic and marched from Harlem to Brooklyn, from Queens to Trump Tower in Manhattan. Brooklyn also had riots with the police. There have been more than 340 arrests and 33 officers have been injured, some seriously. Almost 48 police vehicles were damaged or destroyed in the violence.

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The police opened an investigation after sharing a video on social media showing a police SUV breaking through a barrier and engulfing a crowd of protesters around him. For the mayor Bill de Blasio “the agents may not have had a choice.” The deputy is of a different opinion Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Nobody can launch an SUV on a crowd of human beings”.

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